New members of the Norway forum, introduce yourself here – 2nd quarter of 2015

Hi all,

Newbie on the Norway forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Norway if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello, my name is Loveday. I live in Nigeria. I would like to do my MSc in Norway. I need first hand info from Nigerian students in Norway on how they managed to pull it off, the cost and requirements.

Hello! I'll be moving my family from the U.S. this summer to live near Oslo. We expect to be there for three years. While many elements of our move are covered by my employer, we have many unanswered questions. If anyone's available to answer questions about life in Norway, please let me know!


hello my name is Boris Tomic,i am 27 years old,and i am from Serbia,i work in my country ass a plumber,and i have 5 years of experiance,a would like to live and work my job in Norway,becouse i am ambitious

:)  Hi i a real Canadian !  Just need a visa for more than 90 days!
I m curently seecking to understand the Norwegian law! 
i have been going to Norway Bærum for 2 years Now Took some private Norskurs beginner twice,    Yes! i ll get there... My first language is Franch from Quebec!  Litt complicated that Norsk... But love it
So how could it be possible after 50 to just go & learn more about Norway! 90 days on 180 not so good for Norskurs... I do have a Norwegian sponcer i do stay with him.  I do not want to work
So any good idea My new friends?

Hallo! My name is Tj and I´m 26 years old. I came to Norway over a month ago with a student visa for skilled worker. I am living with my aunt in Telemark. When I came, I didn´t know that there were already a lot of changes in the system and I just found out during my appointment in the politi that my visa is not renewable and thus shall expire one year exactly.

I waited over a year before I got this visa coz I was caught up with the changes in the system and that they had permanently stopped accepting students visas for skilled workers. Good thing I was able to catch up though. Now the problem is that my norskurs will start not till August. My time is ticking and I don´t want to waste away my chances here. I´m struggling to get a job around and stressed about the fact that I can only be here for a year. :(

I hope I can stay here longer, or for good so to speak. But I don´t really know how. Anyway, I hope I can get some insights about these things here.  :)

Hi! I'm new here in Norway. I just came in two weeks ago as a tourist. I'm a bit struggling with the language and eager to learn more of it so I can converse with the waiter or the cashier or anyone living here in Norway. By the way, I'm in Oslo. I would just like to meet some people here and would like to ask some help regarding with the language. The city is so beautiful and the people seem so lively but I still feel lonely because I don't have friends.

Hi , you can take out Norwegian residency if  you wish to stay, but you will need a  job first  and will have to speak  Norwegian. Only people coming here that are over  55  do not need to speak the lanquage. If you do not have a job I think you will have to provide proof that you are able to support yourself as the state will not do that

hi all,

I am presently working on a new build light railway at Bergen airport... I work on the overhead wires.. just want to know about any job offers in this line of work?
or even any weekend jobs?

Hi my name is rahul and I am from india.
want to know what are the chaances of getting work visa in norway

HI New friend!    Anyone would happen to know what i have to say on the questions of UDI for Partner Immigration   I sent that i have to write my life ?  At 53 it could be a long story LoLLL!  :idontagree:

Ciao i am morocain i livello in Italy bit i Mike norway and i would Luke to study norvegien and livello ther i nerd a adress of scool norvegien languige and association for resedence

Hey Expats of Stavanger,

Up for a "get together" meeting?


Hey guys. I am Rosan from Nepal.
I am about to move into Norway to complete my Masters degree.
Well m' currently in Nepal. I might be moving pretty soon. I was hoping if someone could help me understand about renting apartments in Oslo.

Thank you ^_^
My mail address is : mah.rosan[at]

mahRosan :

Hey guys. I am Rosan from Nepal.
I am about to move into Norway to complete my Masters degree.
Well m' currently in Nepal. I might be moving pretty soon. I was hoping if someone could help me understand about renting apartments in Oslo.

Thank you ^_^
My mail address is : mah.rosan[at]

I recommend checking out other threads that discuss housing in Oslo. See here: … -oslo.html

Hi I am Konstantinos from Greece and will be rellocating to Norway by August...Hope to share experience about Stavanger

hello, my name is Konstantinos

i am Petroleum engineer from , greece. I would like to get used to speak and practice my English which propably are quite good though, as i am going overseas norway and maybe learn some norwegian and about norwegian culture as well.

.Please tell me whether you are available on ordinary talking....I
any common hobbies ?

mine are, psychology, films, music, travelling, photography

Looking forward to hearing from you

Hi - like to be my friend. I live in Oslo


Hi im liah.. im in Norway now to visit my boyfriend. . Any body here who can help me cause me and my boyfriend  plan to get married  before my schengen  visa expire.. is it possible  to apply a fiancee visa here in Norway before  my schengen  visa expire?

Hi my son Benjamin (18) just spent a year in Norway on a folkshogeskule and fell in love with Norway. Next year he is planning to go to Asker (near Oslo) to do an art school. He is looking for a place to stay. Does anyone have suggestions how to find a room in Asker. Thanks.

Hello :)
Its nice reading your post on this forum. How long are you already staying here in norway now? I just find your homeland & you interesting. Because you came from Greece :)
My name is Athena and I bet you really know her in greek mythology hehe.
Would you like to learn norsk? I can share knowledge with you. Do you have viber? So we can just msg easily commonly. :)
Have a great days ahead. Hoping you'll be my newly first greek friend.

I am a Sierra Leonean aged 37, presently working as an Assistance Mechanic Officer in the Save the Children International Organisation, currently based in the Southern part of Sierra Leone. I like to move to Norway with my family if i happen to get job there.

well its my opinion if you want to go norway then you should read all terms and conditions of norway policy and
then you can take best decision for future i hope you will take good decision

wish you all the best.

ohh nice best of luck.

yes why not.
                       actually iam a jobless and i want to get job in oslo if you can do some thing that plz
                       tell me i hope you will remember me in future and guide me better for future.


Hi! I'm relative new here in Norway. I come from China and have been living in oslo for nearly 2 years. I am engineer in a Norwegian company.  I still feel new in Oslo. I would just like to meet some people here and would like to have more friends.

hi tony iam very happy to see that you are engineer and doing a job in oslo
actually i also want to get job in oslo if you can do some thing then plz contact me
i hope you will remember me in future.


I am a Community Health Nurse here in the Philippines. How can I apply for a job? Thank you for your response.

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jamesiniego :

I am a Community Health Nurse here in the Philippines. How can I apply for a job? Thank you for your response. Here are my contacts, mobile: +639266624247, email add: jamesiniego[at]

one of the big challenges moving to Norway as a nurse or other healthcare professional is getting your credentials accepted here. For more information I recommend reading this website:


G'day - am from India currently living in NZ. Planning to migrate to Oslo in July 2015. I've read in a few posts that during July most of the shops and offices are closed - Could you please advise if I'd be able to contact rental agents and secure a house for rent? How long does the provisioning of utilities take (internet, phone, TV,...etc)?

Hi jonz and welcome to > you should please avoid duplicate posting. You already got answers on your other similar thread here.

Lets keep this topic for the introduction of new members on the forum Norway ;)

Sure Christine !  :top:

Hi,I am Gh.Firouzi from Iran , 47 , married , educated in Industrial Management and working in Iran aluminum Company about 19 years ( my recent job is Head of Credit and transportation Unit in Commercial Dep.) and familiar with Iran aluminum Market and global raw material suppliers( in aluminum field).

My wife has Master Degree in Industrial engineering from Sharif university.

I and my wife would be pleasure to have cooperation with Norwegian companies and have job in Norway, so need some information from jobs and companies in Norway.
We would be appreciated to get guide.


My name is Juuli. I recently moved to Sandnes (just outside Stavanger) with my boyfriend. We both come from Finland. I will start exchange studies in the University of Stavanger in August, he works in the building industry.

On my free time I like to watch movies and series, read, go jogging and hiking, cook and so on. I of course love spending a lot of time with my boyfriend but I would also like to meet other people here. I wish to meet people to hang out with. I love spending time outside, just walking around or sitting in cafes etc. Also, for instance joining some team sport would be great!

I speak quite okay Swedish so I understand Norwegian in some scale and practicing it wouldn't hurt! Anyhow, I'm comfortable speaking English. :)

Hope you're having a nice day!

hello how are you thank you so mach Im her in bergen centir my phon is ****

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My family and I moved to Bergen 2yrs ago from Australia when my partner got a contract job that ends in a few years. I'm Sri Lankan Australian and my partner's Norwegian. We moved to be closer to this side of our family for a little while, and to see whether we like life in Norway enough to make the move permanent. We've lived with a leg in each country over the last decade, travelling back and forth for work and holidays.

We speak English to each other mostly when we're at home, Norwegian in public if it's easier than switching, and to our 2 young kids generally our respective mother tongues. Our 3yo is bilingual, the 1yo we're not sure about since he hasn't said much intelligible yet. I'm fairly fluent in Norwegian but still often feel unconfident. Having small kids here helps (forces) to engage with institutions and people. Now, the youngest is beginning barnehage in a few months and it's time for me to get back to work.

It'd be great to hear from you if you're also a native English-speaking parent of small kids looking for playdates, or if you have any tips for an ex-pat legal academic/lecturer/researcher/editor/journalist/ human rights activist/teacher about securing employment vaguely in my field here in Bergen.

Hi, I am Solomon. I've started living in Norway since 6 months ago and in Bergen for a month. Would be glad if I could get information about jobs in Bergen particularly for some one with a media and NGO communication work background .

Hello! I am Oltion, I am 30 years old. I am from Greece but I'm originally from Albania and recently moved here to Norway. I am looking a job as a driver. i have 9 years experience. Any other job offers is fine with me. I don't have preferences.

Hello, I'm Charles from Abuja. I plan to move to Norway next year for a master's degree. Please, does anyone know about the fisheries industry in Norway? Can I get a job in that industry?

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