where to buy an E-bike conversion kit in Taipei or Taichung

i want to buy an E-bike conversion kit in Taiwan; does anyone know of any shops in Taipei or Taichung ? i understand that bicycles are popular in Taiwan so i'd imagine E-bikes and conversion kits should be easily available.

Buying one online can take a month to deliver ( perhaps even more ) and they're pretty expensive ( depending on specs of course ).

You can find bicycle shop easily in Taipei or In Taichung

Bidara E-bike conversion kit and a bicycle are two different things..

:lol:  :lol:  So me don't know what is e bike hahaha.....!!

Well you don't have too worry with that. Wherever there's a bicycle and such ,all things that related to bike would be available

For example I had seen many local who uses E bike everywhere, so I assume there are many shop that sell (I didn't asked the local from where she bought it)

..regardless of the banter; im looking for a specific location, shop, name or website - and if possible average cost of kits in Taipei or Tai Chung.

concrete info & advice is much appreciated; so as not to waste time looking for a kit once there.

You can try check Howard's bike in Da an district Taipei city

..been now to Da'an street and it has nothing to do with bicycles or e-kits..

so, its just a wild guess to disinform users here.

e-kits are not as simple as they might sound to amateurs; they require an understanding in electronics and mechanics combined ....good luck.

Oops I mistaken the district,, the Howard's bike it wasn't in Da an district but in songshan districts ,,,, sorry   :D

Hi i am John Paul i just want to ask that, do you know already where to buy a conversion kit on bike to e bike? May i know your information or knowledge about where to buy some of that here in taiwan? thank you for reading this i am hoping for your kind respond.

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