looking for a fashion jewelry manufacturer

Hi everyone,
Anyone can tell me where I can buy a wholesale fashion jewelry products here in Taiwan? Me and my husband is planning to import thier products to Peru.

You could go to Wei foo clothing market

Amm , taiwanese so loyal to business you dont need to come to taipei and spend a lot while traveling from peru .,

Just try to use mail for samples and pictures then send money and receive package . Try and taiwan product isnt cheap by the way .
Im in taiwan right now its different than another asian countries

I am making my own jewelry my very small business.
if you interesting to see my design I send my picture  of my design
Thank You

Ammm , im notninto jewelry ., are you selling gold and diamond ., if yes you are in wrong destination .

The best gold designs and cool i have seen in my life is india .

I think peru is one of the beggiest gold mines , because spanish they came to peru for that reason in histroy they want the gold mines maybe the raw material only in peru .

Try contacting this supplier of stainless steel chains and perhaps other jewelry. ***

The quality is excellent.

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