Expats living/working currently in Bavaro/Punta Cana?

Greetings all, I'm very interested in hearing from expats currently living and working in Bavaro/Punta Cana most of our senior bloggers are retirees or have their own business, but I would like to hear from young people who have fallen in love with the country, and decided to stay. How have you managed to stay in paradise and manage to survive. All inputs all welcomed, and feel free to Private Message me if you do not wish to make your experience public. What are you doing to make a living as an expat, how hard is it and what are you thoughts on that, affordability, night life etc......Most of the info on the blog has been related to the North Coast and Capital, interested in hearing from the young folks down east :cool:

My guess is there are not a lot of "young" people on the east coast, it costs too much to  live there!

Hi Massagew.

The majority of the expat located in that area (East) are Spanish, mostly young families... It's interesting how the expat are settled by regions in D.R. With no intention to generalize since I understand there are Individuals from different nationalities spread out throughout the Island. Spanish are mostly concentrated in Punta Cana and the Capital, In Samaná you will find more French and French Canadians, and in the Cibao area Americans and English Canadians make a great number if I'm not mistaken but if I am, I hope someone else correct me with more valuable information.

If you speak spanish, try this other blog for some great info about the East coast ( spaniards dot es ) and choose Dominican Republic.

I was reading the french version here in with good info too.

Cheers and all the best.


Thanks for the info and input guys....that site is Just want to make sure thanks.

Did you make this move?

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