Looking for Filipinos in Tunisia

Would anyone know how to contact Filipino Organizations in Tunisia?

Hi jaysotto! Welcome on Expat-blog! :) So far there is one expat member filipino in Tunisia network. You could contact the member maybe he/she know more and could advice you how to be in touch with them.

Good luck

thanks christine! appreciate it :)

Hello I hope the information below helps.  I am sure there are many Filipinos studying French here in Tunis, and this is a great place to meet people. Good luck.

I have met many Filipinos in my French courses taken at the agency below:

Ambassade de France en Tunisie
Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle
Institut Français de Coopération
87, avenue de la Liberté
BP 180
1080 TUNIS Cedex

Téléphone : (00 216) 71 105 200
Télécopie : (00 216) 71 105 203
Courriel : contact[at]

Hey rocky, you think you could ask your filipino friends, if i can contact them regarding filipino organizations in tunisia?

hi jaysotto,
my wife is filipina and we are currently in Tunisia, we are also looking for filipinos here in tunisia, if interested, contact ****

hello, im a filipina.i am about to travel on january 2011 to meet my  boyfriend and his family  who sponsored this trip.Im wondering what to answer if the immigration in tunisia airport will ask me about my purpose of travel.whats the best possible answer?thanx.

the best way to enter to Tunisia for Filipino is tourist visa because for sure you need a visa to come from here and you get it from the Tunisian embassy in Indonesia, the cost is near to 400 pesos = 15 dt = 10 $ and you get your visa in 3 working days. Your bf should write for you a sponsoring/invitation letter that he will sponsor your residence in Tunisia and you need to show it to get the visa if you will travel with not enough cash money. You can get a visa in the airport upon arrival if you have a document proving your relation with your bf and it will take near 2 or 3 hrs waiting to get it. Don't forget that in Aquino airport, the Filipino police will ask you to prove a visa  in your passport to be able to leave your country (this is a Filipino law that you have to take in consideration) the cheapest airline joining the Philippines to Tunisia is Qatar airways (1450 dt = 1000$ = 45000 pesos for 2 ways ticket) and minimum of 18hours trip duration (8h+6h+ 4h in the airport)anyhow, you are welcome here, marhaba, mabohay :)  , if you have anymore question, just you can ask me because we travel (my wife and me) more than a time between Tunisia and the philippines)

How certain is the info: "you can get the visa upon your arrival if you have a document proving relationship?" My wife has our marriage contract (in Arabic coz done in UAE) and my son who holds a Tunisian passport. will immigration in Aquino airport allow her to leave with this document + my son? Or should she go to Jakarta? What kind of agreement is this that allows a tunisian to go without a visa to Pinas, and makes it impossible for them to come here? I am really mad at the mafia rule on both sides

hi,i have been  through hell just to get the visa going to tunisia and 10times hell going through philippine airport  immigration on my flight to tunisia.the airport immigration was  not easily convinced with the papers i presented though they are all legitimate .just because they never heard a lot about the country tunisia it does not mean we have no right to go there.
anyways, i applied a visa thru need to go to tunisian embassy in jakarta ,indonesia.i got the visa application form online and filled it up and gather the other requirements and scanned them and emailed to the embassy.u will wait for 1-2 weeks if ur application has been approved,if approved, thats the time u will send the visa fee of $33 + $30 return postage and ur passport thru DHL or fed ex.
as to ''visa upon arrival'' , i think thats only applicable in some during my first supposed flight, the airport immigration assholes denied me coz i dont have the invitation letter authenticated by tunisian i called the embassy about what happened , they suggested that if i need to be in tunisia in that period i  will send my visa application requirements again to them via email and they will just email me back a paper stating that i am allowed by the embassy to ahve a visa upon arrival.but i decided to move  my trip 5months after.

about bringing your spouse and son to tunisia,i ahve no idea coz i have the same questions too.coz i am now married to my tunisian fiance.i read in a forum that it will take at least 4mos after ur marriage to apply for a spouse visa.i am not sure if its applicable in tunisia.
u may contact the embassy in indonesia for further queries. good luck

Thank you very much for your reply, my wife has already sent her application via email and waiting for the answer.

well thast good.what type of visa she applied for??since you r already married?i'l have the same visa type i guess but i dont know waht it will be.

Actually, she's sending it today, Monday and she's confused, our marriage contract was issued 6 years ago in Abu Dhabi, UAE and am not sure it will be recognized unless it is registered in Tunisia, but my son is with her and he bears my name and a Tunisian passport. So if they use a human brain with some logic they will realize his right at least to visit his dad since the passport was issued by the Tunisian embassy in uae. I'll be positive since it's early morning. Did you get your visa or still waiting? please communicate... thanks

Hi I'm a Filipino. I'm staying here in Zarzis. Any Filipino around this place. Thanks

hi there! are you staying there for work? I am so curious... or did you marry a tunisian? I am still here in the Philippines and would appreciate some help or infos how to get there... thank you

Hi.. I am going to Bizerte Tunisia by end of March 2014.. is anyone here (Filipino) leaving in this area?

hope to hear from filipino community in Tunisia.  Thanks in advance guys.....

Hi , Nice to know that you are a Philippino.

I want to know some facts for how a philippino can live in India.

Can you guide me.

I will tell you in detail what exactly i want to know from you.

Looking you soon with reply.

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Hello please I want to know how can my filipina friend visit me to Tunisia. She is living in  UAE she applied for  visa to Tunisia and they never answered her back then she heard from the agency it was rejected. We don't know what is the reason. Can someone give us some informations because she wants to try again. Thank you.

You need to go to the embassy and deal with the fact of why they rejected her in the first place.  If the embassy /consulate himself doesn't know,  then try to talk to contact them on their website...
Glad to help

Philippines Consulate Tunisia
Cité de Pins, Lots 3,5,6 B.P. 342 Publiposte
Les Berges du Lac

Hello. Have u applied for visa going to tunisia? I m going Tunisia by august about to give birth this month. I was married in uae and my marriage already registered in tunisia. what do u think i will do? Thanks for your help

Hi about ur sponsor or invitation letter from tunisia is it possible just scanned it and send it via email in tunisia embassy in jakarta? I am filipino married with tunisian man and will give birth here in philippines this month and planning to moved in kef city in tunisia can u help me?

Hi can u give advice when i go to tunisia. Im planning to move in tunisia i married a tunisian man in uae and planning to live in tunisia, currently here in philippines and give birth to our child this month and by august we would like to live in tunis. What are the steps i should do?

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contact the embassy in indonesia thru email they will be sending you the documents needed and they will require you to send thru email or fax  and once approved u must send the original copies with your passport and visa fee.

hello. could anybody help me in my situation? I'm married to a tunisian guy, but living far from him. I'm here in philippines with our son and he is in dubai. Constant fights and misunderstandings led him to marry his fellow tunisian. He now deactivated his facebook and I am now looking at the girl's (he's suppose to marry) facebook but I couldn't understand a word.

I know I shouldn't put myself this way down but since I'm being left in the dark, I just want to know if they are still together. Anybody care to help ne with translation? Or atleast somebody to talk to? As I'm not really keen in sharing my personal problems with anybody close to me. Appreciate your help guys!

kindly PM the words u  want to be translated

send the message and will translate for u , no worries

Hi I'm going to tunisia tourist but the embassy will only give me maximum of 8 days. Is it true that I can only stay maximum 8 days and if is ther other way to extend it?


Any Filipino living right now in Tunisia? You may contact me, I'm a filipina currently living here in Tunis. Planning to study French and Arabic language.


Are you living in Tunisia?

Hey girls,

Be careful in marrying Tunisian man. But im not saying all Tunisians are bad. Make sure you know them very well. I married my Tunisian husband in 2006. We got married in Abu Dhabi where we used to work. We struggled a lot but because im blinded and i love him so much, i stayed. Until 7 wks ago he told me that he is divorcing me coz he found someone else who is a very young tunisian girl. HARAM. Well, this is not the 1st time he jumped into another girl's skirt. He is a flirt ***. He flirted with other filipino women, chinese, thailander etc. at my back. By the way, i am from Philippines. Of course i was shocked, hurt and devastated especially we have a 6 year old son. Our marriage is not perfect but i didnt imagine he can do this to me. I am based in my country with our son. My husband works inTunis and comes here 1-2x per year or i come there in Tunisia with my son to visit.

I am still grieving until now (it was only 7 wks ago). I am trying to reach him to ask even for child support but he cut all our means of communication. I think he is madly inlove with the new younger girl. I am still waiting for copy of my Divorce paper but i think he is already living together with the new girl. Unfair and unjust. I cannot do anything but cry...

So girls, be careful. I hope you will not experience what im going thru now because its really really painful. Its like losing your legs or something. Suddenly you feel ugly and unwanted...i cry every night especially when my son ask "Where is Baba?" will break your heart so much...


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It is not easy...i still love my husband...and i still cry everynight...its hard to believe he can just leave us like that, just because he found someone else...i wish i can sleep and wake up and forget everything and not feel any pain anymore...


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Hi Jcd7  and Melkadri > i am sorry for what is happening to you :( I think you should continue this conversation privately via your private message system. The topic here is "looking for Filipinos in Tunisia". Thank you.


Hi how are you?
I'm a Filipina and have a two year old Tunisian cutie baby boy. Our vacation is on December 25, 2016.
I have already visited the country and planning to meet Filipinos this time.
We are living in Ariana.

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