Travel Channel Relocation Television Series

New Travel Channel series is looking for couples or families that are thinking about relocating to Buenos Aires from the United States and have either never been to Argentina or the country is relatively new to them.  Are you having a tough time deciding whether or not to move? We’d love to help you out with that. For our program, we’d take you and your partner to your potential new home where you’d meet with a relocation expert who will show you some local neighborhoods, introduce you to the local culture and customs, and give you a chance to experience what life might be like for you and your family.
Would you be interested in participating? Please let me know by emailing us at relocationseries[at]! Tell us about yourself, both personally and professionally, why and when you might be moving, your ages, and also please include your picture(s).  We look forward to hearing from you!

Is this a reality tv show? I pretty much fit your description, but I'm not sure if it's something I'd want to be involved with. Is there somewhere I can get more information?

I wouldn't call it a reality show as much as I'd say it's a docu style unscripted series.  It's for Travel Channel and it will be shot in the style of an Anthony Bourdain type show.  I'd be happy to talk to you about the series or if you'd like to email me I can get right back to you.  My email is relocationseries[at] 

Also, the series is being produced by Karga 7 Pictures.  You can see our website and the types of shows that we do - 


Thanks Rob. I'll check it out & get back to you if it's something I'm interested.


My name is Alison Carson, and I'm a US citizen who is considering a move to Buenos Aires. There are many factors and I'm going through the process of deciding based on jobs, desire of an adventure, to learn Spanish etc. I'm 39 years old and there would be a lot of risk in giving up my life in the US, but if I'm ever going to do it, now is the time!

I'd love to speak with you about the TV series. Would you be available via phone or what is best way to learn more?

Thank you!

Hi Alison -

Thanks for getting in touch.  Unfortunately, we just found a couple that we are going to feature on this episode.  If we are going to go back to B.A., I will post again here.  Best of luck with your potential international move!

Hi. Please consider a good agent. There's plenty of tricky ones around here. ReMax for instance is quite reliable. I made a good relocation with Mrs Nadal

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