Hello everybody! I m from Montenegro-Europe! I like a travel,meet diferent culture,diferent people,and I like so much all South America.I would like to move in Argentina one time.Anybody know did exist posibility to come in Buenos Aires to study my master?I m speak english-good! spanish-medium, russian -elementary. Kises! Besos! :gloria

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Hello there & welcome. The University of Buenos Aires offers advanced degree programs to foreigners so you could try contacting them

Hey there, check the UBA - universidad nacional de Buenos Aires and the UNLP - universidad nacional de La Plata.

You need to certify your documents in your country, till the embasssy of Argentina you have.
Here you need to translate all non spanish documents by a local translator, then certify his translation.

The universities are now closed till nearly 5th of February. By my own experience corrdination offices are lazy and slow. So you need to check their websites, send all emails to them and prepare your documents, then to visit them in their offices to follow up.

As your BA of first degree was obtained outside Argentina, you shall pay double the regular amount. Always choose to pay in pesos, not USD.

Good luck

Thank you!

Thank you very much!   :) You was study in Argentina??

Well it is good actually, but the universities are not that organized as i thought. I mean sometime they cancel classes and stuff, but all ok. Nothing else to complaint about

Hello Armand! Thank you! :top:

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