Homeschooling in Morocco

I'm seriously considering moving back home to Morocco. The only think that's holding me back is my kid's schooling. I have 3 kids; 14, 9 and 7. They all go to public American schools here in the states, and have never tried homeschooling before. I would like to get any Good Insights about Homeschooling in Morocco; issues, advice, helpful resources... anything would be greatly appreciated :)
Thank you

Homeschooling in Morocco is not a culture in morocco but you can search for a freelance teachers .. I think
Ohh and my english not good ..
Welcome Nezha ^^


Inshallah you are well.

I am a British Moroccan, who has decided to home educate my 4 girls, ages range from 8month to 10 years.I started home educating in the UK and now we are considering a more permanent  move to Morocco i am looking into setting up a home education network local as i am in the North of Morocco.

If the move becomes a reality, i am looking to employe a local teacher to bridge my knowledge gaps and to compliment what i will teach them.

I would be happy to advise where i can.

Kind Regards

I am planning a move to Morocco this summer (2015). I will be moving to the northern part of Morocco (Tangier/Tetouan).
My 2 kids (12, and 10) do not now any French and they are not good in Arabic, so I am looking at HSing option.
They are in a private school in US now, so HSing is going to be new to us (parents) and them.

If you came across any HSing network, or would like to start one to share resources, I will be very happy to join
you. It seems there are lots of questions on this topic, but I could not find resources online.

You can Email me at : xxx
Thank you

Hello to all homeschoolers,
I recommend you the site, it's a blog by an American expat, homeschooling mother of six kids living in Morocco. You can read her posts about her homeschooling experience in Morocco or contact her to ask questions.

I just popped in to give a good advice before you searching further:

find out of the government acknowledge the homeschooling.
Not every country except it and like already stated by Mohcinb, its is not common in the Arabic world.

I know a family that moved to Morocco from the U.S. a little over 2 years ago.  They use an online program from the U.S. for their kids.  It's easier for them because it is accredited here in the U.S. and they don't have to worry about coming up with their own curriculum.  They use International Virtual Learning Academy which offers programs for grades K-12. It's much cheaper than most of the private school options currently available in Morocco, but virtual learning isn't for everyone.  Several friends I have living in north Africa, though not in Morocco, use Calvert homeschooling curriculum.  It's a prepackaged homeschooling program (including books, tests and answer keys) so they would need to be shipped to you or shipped perhaps to a family member in the U.S. who may be travelling to visit you before the start of the school year.  I haven't used either one of these, but did use the curriculum with my eldest daughter while in middle school but that was here in the U.S.  We were very happy with it though.

There are plenty of options and the list can be overwhelming especially if you're new to homeschooling in general.

I am currently homeschooling 2 of my children using a curriculum from my home country, New Zealand. We have been here 2 years. We live in between tangier and azailah on the coast.
I find it all good apart from the kids being able to meet and interact with children their age. Both speak fluent Arabic as my husband is moroccan.
Would love a group like this to belong to.

Hi. I know it's past a year since your comment. I was just wondering if you found more homeschooling families in Tangier? I currently live in Tangier. Maybe you would like to meet up sometimes if you still live here. Homeschooled my children for the past two years in UK and want to keep doing that here too.

Hi All,
I homeschool my kids in Rabat.  It has been a struggle finding a homeschool community with kids my own children's' ages.  They definitely need more socialization for their development, as they sometimes feel isolated and crave friendships, especially when they see their friends in the U.S. hanging out, etc.  I use Keystone High School and Calvert.  Calvert is great, comprehensive, and has great supplemental classes such as music and art, online access to different types of learning platforms, such as a Brain pop subscription, access to online libraries, Discovery videos, and a computer literacy program.  Keystone is ok, does the job with an accredited American high school certificate, affordable, and depending on the teacher, the kids can develop a good repertoire with their teachers. There are also clubs they join.  I would just be careful as if your kids are on the computer all day, there are negative health effects as well as making sure you have parental controls on sites as it is tempting to waste time on the computer, access unhealthy/inappropriate websites, etc.  The kids are more self-guided, which builds responsibility and self-motivation, but I monitor through a parent account to make sure they are completing things:)  Anyway, best of luck everyone and if anyone has kids that are 10, 14, and 16 or near there, my kids would love to meet up to bowl or at a park or something. 


Hello I saw your post I'm thinking about moving to morocco next year hope you're still around maybe we can meet sometime

Hi Ghana,
I am starting homeschooling my 10year old next week. I am researching options in Rabat, and I found some piano lessons, and I'll be taking her for ice scating once a week. My son who is 16 will also be homeschooled. I heard lycee Descartes has a climbing wall, but I don't know if it's possible to sign up a kid that doesn't attend classes there. Anyway, there are other homeschoolers here.
We could get our kids together sometimes.

Oh sorry,
Phone autocorrected your name to Ghana. I meant Ghada!

Send all this kid to uncle Mouad so i can teach them some proprer mathematics :D

I am glad to see your message as I am also interested in moving back to Morocco this coming school year and would like to consider homeschooling for my kids 8 and 6. I did some researchs and knew that it can be a great studying way for kids to improve their  skills and also good for their behavior, however I did't really find family groups or association for Americain homescholing in Morocco, but there are several good online American  schools that are available. I didn't see the date of your post,  are you considering moving back soon? Please inform if you could get any related details.


Our family just moved to the Tetouan area and we are homeschooling our children (age 13 and 10). We'd definitely be interested in connecting with other families who are homeschooling to share ideas and for the children to meet up. Are you still up in the area? Do you know of another other people also homeschooling?

Hi all we are thinking of moving to the tangier area towards the end of the year with our 2 boys (4/6)
Our issue is finding the best quranic/arabic schools/madrasas bearing in mind were dont speak arabic (the kids) as we will be continuing homeschooling
And rent seems ridiculously expensive for what you get compared to the UK or is it me?
Id really appreciate some help from expats who can advice as to sme good agencies etc



If you're on Facebook there is a group of mostly expat women living in Morocco (a lot from the UK) and I know a handful of them homeschool. If you're interested in it send me a message inshallah.

ummzubair :

Hi all we are thinking of moving to the tangier area towards the end of the year with our 2 boys (4/6)
Our issue is finding the best quranic/arabic schools/madrasas bearing in mind were dont speak arabic (the kids) as we will be continuing homeschooling
And rent seems ridiculously expensive for what you get compared to the UK or is it me?
Id really appreciate some help from expats who can advice as to sme good agencies etc

I meant to quote you instead of simply replying. I also wanted to add that I believe there's also a group specifically for Tangier, but I am not a member.

The Facebook group is far more active than this forum so you're more likely to get a quick reply.

Asalaamu alaykum sister,

I am from the UK and have been living in Morocco for the past year al hamdulillah.

I have decided to home school my twin girls aged 3 years as the schools here are mixed boys and girls and are very secular.

I will be sending them to Quran school part time once they reach age 5 (this is the age they start accepting children) and then the rest of the time we will follow a curriculum from the UK for them.

If you have any questions about home schooling or morocco in general feel free to get in touch with me uhkti.

Aslaamu Alayk Sister.
I was planning quite some time to send my children to Morocco but their schooling in Morocco was holding me back. they are all in secondary school here in UK and I can't afford to send them to private school in Morocco so I was looking at home schooling but I could not find good information.
It will be great if you can shed some light for me about home schooling chance in Morocco and cost of living in general.
Rental cost for 2-3 bedroom apartment in average area?
best city for home-schooling?
I have 4 children whom I would like to send and my wife
And any other information you may think is important for me?

Thanks for your time reply.

Jzk for all who replied life has been a little hectic recently and so I'm really sorry for the delay in replying! I've only just read them! SubhanAllah I didn't expect anything so I'm very grateful akhawati

Assalamu alaikum

We are considering moving to either asilah or essaouira next year. An open question is still how we are going to school our three boys 2/5/7 (our family languages are german and arabic). All the public/public schools we have visited so far are...just not what we are looking for. So we are considering homeschooling. Any contacts?? Could you please put me in contact with this facebook group? I was thinking about a mixture of homeschooling combined with for example arabic/french courses in a school or with a freelance teacher, any experiences? Thanx a million!

An English teacher...

My husband and I will be homeschooling our grandchildren should we be blessed with any. We're going to involve them with charity work and social events in the community - or create our own. We're Agnostic Jews and our son in law is a practicing Muslim so we plan on having community dinners on Friday evenings. We plan to do these things, anyway...  we hope to run our son in law's father's sheep farm and fruit orchards. We plan to teach about time management and the business aspect of farming. Plus, we'll be able to teach botany, anatomy & physiology, mathematics (from simple math to sub/groups, algebra, calculus, and physics). Teaching history will be amazing! Arabic, English, French, and Darija will be incorporated into every aspect of life. Chemistry will be a lot of fun!  We're very excited...

Hi dear please can you share the facebook link ?


Dear nazha

I hope my message find you well

Its been a while that you have posted for this matter and i would like to know your experience with home schooling , how was it in morocco , what was the + amd -  , and what are the fruit of your past plans for your childs nowadays  ?

I will be glad to hear you experience

Best regards


Hi Abdinur,

Your are right about the private schools being expensive in Morocco, it's not so much that the fees are expensive but the real problem that we found is that the private school system is corrupt, the vast majority of the teachers are untrained professionals to teach especially since the government decided to ban the public school teacher to work in both the private and the public sector.

As for the public sector the government is starting to make changes but its not enough as the problem here is that large section of them, not all but definitely a lot of them don't teach in the classroom and extort the parents to pay for tutoring fees outside of the classroom (which exist in the private sector as well). From my personal experience Private tutoring for my kids One on one was going to be between 750 DH and 2000 DH per month per subject, per child!

Homeschooling is not officially recognized in Morocco. You can sign them up for homeschooling in the country of residence. I have done this before and the best curriculum ( in my humble opinion) is the Singapore curriculum, they teach all their subjects in English and are considered one the best in the world. Anyone that is interested in this here is a link to their online store, and I'm not an affiliate to this, but I have tried them and they were great.

I saw that you where asking about rent in Rabat, for something decent in an Ok area rent start from 3000 Dh and up and rent is scares here too.  Rabat is very expensive but relatively safer than other cities.

I hope this helps you, let me know if you need any other info.


Hi there, we are planning to move to Casablanca next year. I would like to continue homeschooling my two children aged 6 and 8. We are from Canada. I would love to connect with other homeschool mamas. Can you recommend a Facebook group? Also does anyone know if we are not registered in a school in Morocco can we still register our child for sports or field trips?

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