Switching job in Malaysia -Cancellation and renewal of Employment Pass

Hi, company has given me DP11 and asked me to issue flight ticket which I have done but they are not cancelling visa from Mdec system online which is very much required to process Stage 1 by new company. What should I do now?

If they are not cancelling then ask for the authorization letter so you can cancel it yourself in mdec

hi everyone
its ALi here
I would like to cancellation my employment visa but i am feeling my company asking bit high money for cancellation he ask me around 400Rm , I w'd like to share my visa is going to be end of 7 Nov'2015 also my passport going to be expire end of nov'2015 , so i will have intention to come back should i cancel my visa or should not as one of my friend suggest me as your visa and passport both going to be expire " Ali no need cancellation, its will be automatically cancel and regarding come back in Malaysia as i am going to issue new passport also wont problem to get social visa,
please reply me authentic suggestion so that i can save my money or time as well

your employer seems to be a crook, there is no cancelation fee, just see that you are out of the country before your visa expires, get a new passport back home, then come back, and find a new employer.

Hi, Good evening, currently i am working in Malaysia and my Visa is expiring 2017-July (Visa through Mdec)

But i got a offer form another company and my current employer agrees to my transfer to new company and provided NOC.

New company informed me their Visa process direct to Putrajaya so i need to cancel my current Visa and come back here through tourist visa. is there is any issues when i come here through tourist visa. i mean in immigration ?

suggest me any company that hire for Indian ready to work any kind of job but no reply don't know y people not share

Hi ot doesnt work like that. CiMB for example and many malaysian companies are laying off staff so locals supply of staff inreasing massively.

Without further relevant information (skilss education and experience) I would say your chances are exactly zero.


I was going through this thread and I am in same situation. Can you please clarify me.
Whether new company can proceed for first stage processing without asking for NOC and online cancellation. I have submitted my documents to the current employer and they haven't asked me either NOC or online cancellation.
Moreover, they(new employer) have mentioned after the first stage processing put the resignation.

hi guys,
i just want to share my problem regarding my employment pass. this april 2016 i just finish my contract to my employer and the company decide to renew my employment pass. my company process my renewal thru online 1 month before my expiration. then suddenly the company cancel my renewal, now my visa already expired and my passport not valid already to transfer new company. what should i do? please help me what i need to do.

If your visa is expired you have to leave the country. Your new employer can apply for your new visa. You can come back to Malaysia with a tourist visa n wait while your new EP is approved. We dony use Noc in malaysia..its not like in the gulf country

Immigration will notify you to cancel your previous visa

Hi Guys,

I am from New Delhi, India working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I started working in Kuala Lumpur in last year  August (2015). During my next 3 months, I was badly mistreated, my salary was always late (sometimes 1.5 months delay or in instalments) and I could not continue my work in the company so I decided to leave the company in the end of October, 2015. I immediately got a new job but my old employer refused to give me my release letter or tax receipt in order to proceed for stage 1 visa from my new employer. I chased them for next 7 months, finally after calling 10 times a week for 7 months they decided to pay my taxes and give me release letter in the middle of may, 2016. As I could not take any other job during this time, I decided to freelance for my new employer. I was not informed that i had to cancel the EP from first employer when i got my release letter. So after getting the letter My new employer started process for new EP but unfortunately it took another 2 months to settle everything. My Visa expiry date was 1st August 2016. So my new employer got me a special pass for a month. Now My old company refused to give me a new release letter which my new company requires (which should be dated 1st August 2016). My worry is, I did not cancel the EP after getting the release letter which I have been told, might give me trouble when I come back to Malaysia for a fresh new EP process. (if I go back to India before my special pass expires) I need to know what could I do to fix this situation ?

Dear fellows,
I am an international PhD student in Universiti Utara Malaysia. Currently, I am in fifth semester of PhD. Meanwhile, i have been given an attractive job offer from an organization to be hired. They are also ready to give me employment pass. My concern here is that i want to take the employment as a full time employee and want to continue my PhD in part time program. i am not clear about whether after getting EP will i be able to get my full time PhD converted to part time program or not.... because i dont want to quit my PhD and also dont want to miss the chance to of taking the job offer. Pls guide me about policy and regulations if:
I get EP can i still continue my PhD in part time?
How can i convert?


Hi guys! I am a new member in this forum, I would like to ask you guys about cancel visa processing and change new job.

Here is my situation: I have joined my current company over half year and my expired visa is May 2017 (type  II). However, I got a new offer from new company but I don't know about cancel visa process.

- Do I need to send noticed letter or resign letter to my current company (in my contract is 2 months noticed)? What is necessary? Can I resign without noticed to my current company and pay termination fee, so I can change company more faster?

- After sending the notice/resign letter, what will I do and what is the next step of the processing? Do I need to go back my country (cooling off)?

- Please give me the detail of the cancel and apply new EP visa for new company, thanks.

Since you need a release letter from your existing company in order to apply for a new EP under your new company. Its best you send a resignation letter. Your new company can start applying for your EP..and when documents hv all been uploaded..immigration will ask you to cancel your current EP. Since you are ep category II u dont need to go back to your country for a cooling period

Dear David,

If your current company is willing to give you NOC; you won't need to leave the country but if they don't (as happened in my case); you will have to leave the country and then re-apply for new visa with new employer.

You will have to go through the process of tax clearance and visa cancellation from current employer before you leave the country.

There isn't any cooling off period required as I was able to apply and get my new company visa after reaching back my home country without any such break period.


I am michael, i am asking this in behalf of my gf, she had an offer with company A(agency) and signed the contract already, mdec has given to her the day she got an offer from company B(perm), B has offered a permanent position to her which is better right? Would there be a conflict if company B applied for new Mdec? Could you advice also if what is the best thing to do?
Hope you understand our situation.
Thank you!


Hi Guys, new to this forum, what happens if you have resigned already and then get an offer two weeks before end of notice period. Current company willing to provide release letter/NOC. Would it be an issue if the resignation letter and tax clearance is dated before i get the offer letter from new company

Hi Gravitas,

Will the process be different if you have an EP, but have already resigned and while serving the notice period, get an offer from another company.

a) should the resignation letter and release letter (NOC) date be after you get offer letter for new job
b) is the date of tax clearance related to offer letter date in any case

Hi AJ,

Im a new member here, my situation is same like David I think, Im about to resign as another companY offered me a better job and package.  just wanted to understand,how do I go about it.

-currently, im an ep cat 2 holder but my salary is below 5k rm
- the new employer offered way a bit a higher package but not more than 5k rm but almost,my question is, do I need to go through cooling off period since what will happen is from ep cat 2, I believe I will become ep cat 3 holder cos of the salary bracket
- if the new employer will buy out my visa, will cooling off period still applies again cos of the salary bracket?
- or they can just renew it under my new company without going back home?

Thanks and hoping u can help me.

Hi All,

I am facing a strange issue, I have an offer in KL and I have resigned from current company and got my EP cancelled & received all necessary documents.
however my current employer has not released me from expat system so my new employer cannot key in for new EP stage 1. My current employer is not releasing me and creating issues.

What are the options available for me to proceed in such a case.

Thank you,

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