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i would like to know overview of malaysia work permit visa,i am a indian i want to do work in malaysia,can any one tell me the procedure...

First you get a job offer. 2nd you get  clearance from the Indian High Commission in Malaysia. 3rd you get permission to enter Malaysia from the Malaysian embassy in India. If you are allowed to board  the plane, when you arrive your employer will apply for the employment pass (or if you are a foreign worker, you will have already passed your medical examination (blood and x-ray) and have permission to leave your country and arrive in Malaysia.

There are biometric tests when entering Malaysia for the first time as they keep records of who enters and when they leave.

Basically though "get a job first"

Hi..once I get a job if the employer doesnt want to process my Work Permit..can I do it on my own? How long does it take to do that?..thanks

No popbangee - your work permit is connected to a specific job in a designated company.

So changing jobs means changing visa.

Thanks..I didnt mean that..basically what I am saying is I am outside Malaysia at present..I have got an offer from a reputed MNC in Malaysia..the condition is I have to process my own work that possible? Can I process my own work permit with an Offer Letter?..thanks

Sorry but no "reputed MNC" would make that suggestion as they would know only they can apply to immigration for an employment visa.

The reason is a company has to provide quite  a lot of financial and other information about the company set-up when requesting a work permit. You would not have that type of information and documents so would not be able to apply.

The only part of the visa process you will be able to do yourself is when the calling visa (Visa with Reference - VDR) has been approved, you would still be in India and must go to the Malaysian Consulate to get the VDR endorsed into your passport.

Otherwise the company does everything in Malaysia and just passes you the approvals.

Do not pay any money to get a work permit, If you are asked, then it's probably a fake job and even worse, a fake work permit.

Thanks a lot there a way I can get in touch with you?

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