How and where to find a honest expat business partners here ?

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when you are pretty new here around, how is the experiences to find honest business partners here, is there any idea and how about to go in a partnership with local business partners ?
Of course I know, do not give any money upfront what you do not see and have in the hands.


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Well When you do business partners you need to have an agreement in written contract. Of course, you should never give money to either local or foreign business partner. How? Let us say, better you do your own business or hire someone to trust your business and pay that person to right to run your business. If you are generous enough, you can give the person running a profit share.

Hi best dragon wondering how you went with your search. i'm seeking similar start up with a partner, as im not in phnom penh yet but hope to be there in August this year. just return from there 17/06/14 loved it.
best of luck with your search

I am putting out feelers over there and want to move to Cambodia next year. What is your experience there? Thanks Rick in Miami

Really Great information...Thanks for sharing...

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