British international school Al Khobar

Hopefully excepting a job at BISAK, does anyone no of the school?

Is one of the best if not "the best" school in Al Khobar...... any specific questions?

What subject will you be teaching?

BISAK location Lon  26°19'54.19"N  Lat 50°11'38.67"E (for google earth).

Hi it is a compact good international school for this area.

the school follows the British curriculums. most of students are Arab nationals. it will be a good experience with a tax free salary. the life is different but good money. have a go. shopping is goods too.

i rank it 2nd best...but its a great school

Possibly the best School in the Eastern Province; good luck

I also start working there this september =) am keeping an open mind

Good luck!

Hi all,

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Armand Team

The post you have deleted was far from being inappropriate.
The truth hurts. The principal leaves a lot to be desired. Staff are  great. Kids are fantastic. Principal ****!
New members of staff or prospective members of staff deserve to know the truth before taking a job.

I am looking to teach in Al Khobar. I will be wanting a school that teaches the English curriculum. I've done some research but a lot is outdated. Could anyone inform me as to the best schools of this type or direct me towards finding this information. With much thanks in advance

Can you please tell me which school you consider the best school?? we are planning to move to Al Khobar and I need to find an excellent school for my 6  ad 8 years old kids.


coolio86 :

i rank it 2nd best...but its a great school

So who's first?

So what do people consider the best international schools in Khobar/Dammam/Dhahran?

Hi.. can you please give me info on BISAK as i am looking for a school for my kg2 daughter.. what are the nationalities of the teachers? Do they have both boys and girls in kg or they do seperate them ? Any help would be really great as i am lost here

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