Anyone heard of Dunes International School in Khobar?

Wondering if there any happy parents with children in Dunes International School? What is the school like?

I believe it's near the Dhahran Mall.


I take it you've checked out their website?

I pass it everyday to work, and it is indeed on the same road as Mall of Dhahran and Rashid Mall...

But alas, kids are not there, so can't comment...

Just to give you a heads up..... I live just behind the school and pass by it everyday. i would say its not an ideal location for a school (on a highway), however what is an ideal location. Outside space like playing fields (none) good sports facilities (none).....this is a new school (1 or 2 years), i dont know the program they offer or the standard of education, but the schools is an converted housing compound. I would look around a bit more...the asia school has a good reputation, or since you are pakistani...try the pakistani school. Depending on your budget....the American school or British school are considered the top.

Asmakhobar :

most of the parents are not happy... Whatever is written on their school site is all fake...

as ur not pakistani then y dnt u look for french school ,, because in ur profile wrriten ur french ,,, or ur the one from millions of pakistanis , when they get a passport they change their identity ,, any ways ,, dunes is not an ideal school .. if ur french go for frenench and if ur pakistani go for .. orbits school ,, ossan school syster or daharan international.

jassam :

Just to give you a heads up..... I live just behind the school and pass by it everyday. i would say its not an ideal location for a school (on a highway), however what is an ideal location. Outside space like playing fields (none) good sports facilities (none).....this is a new school (1 or 2 years), i dont know the program they offer or the standard of education, but the schools is an converted housing compound. I would look around a bit more...the asia school has a good reputation, or since you are pakistani...try the pakistani school. Depending on your budget....the American school or British school are considered the top.

you are right ! Their website leads to some money making programme.

Jassam ! You are right .THie website is misleading. I casnnot access to it. It led me to some money making site, job listing and hosing programME.I have seen the location of school, it is really near hoghway and make shift arrangement in housing.
I am indian , whether it will be good decision to admit my kids in this school.


I dont understand why are there so many negative opinions about this school
My son is in that school and im absolutely happy with it... Those who said there is no e learning... I assure you that they have that... They are using teach next program... All classes are equipped with projectors for that purpose and it is used almost daily... They are having different languages such as arabic french urdu telugu marathi hindi i guess too... My son is having arabic but i talked to the french teacher there and ahe seems wonderful... Her french pronunciation is perfect... They have lots of extra curricular activities... Sports fiels are there too... A squash room a big football field... Badminton and tennis fields... A gym which is well equipped ... They do tournaments in chess carom hand writing...... And many more...
Yesterday only they had the annual party and all parents were invited... It was fantastic to see all the kids enjoying...

As per the academics are concerned im hapoy with my sons performance... He is also having ucmas classes .. A school girl participated in the aingapore competition for ucmas and she was 2nd which is great for this school as it is still in the beginning of its path...

I dont see why some poeplr are bad mouthing it without even trying it

Hello asmaa... You seem to know this school very well... Are you a parent or a teacher?

Actually you are right about most of the things you mentioned out there.. Im talking abt bus service .. The books and the e teaching.. But i disagree bout the aports area.. There are tournaments in different areas such as football cricket chess ... But as you said these are mostly for older kids like 4th grade and up... Regarding the abusive treatment. I dont really know.. My son never complained about anything and he s alwys happy to go there .. He even wants to go when he is really sick lol... Maybe his teacher ia good.... For the 150 riyals you mentioned in the begining i was thinking it ia too much too... But as you were present yesterday you could have seen that they also spent sooo much money on that day... The kids enjoyed their dances.. At least my son did hhh... It was wll organized too...  you should put in mind one thing also... The school is only in ita secons year.. It is a still in the starting.. They need aome more time maybe to establiah things and improve themselves...

Good day to all, I was assessment with my friends, how have studying  kinds at Dunce Int-School Khobar. Kindly note below information.
1 - Academic facility excellent, They have better ground, Morning assembly, better library, pool and good class rooms.
2 – School Managements look good.
3 – Teachers are note fit for this position, look like fancy(All house wife).
4 – The Principal always offer & Promise …but never achieve.
5 – There is an administrator and she is running the show for the school.

Now I select Indian School is better then any one.....

Sathyan, agree with you... But school has good potential.. Why should we change the school? We all should go together and ask the management to change inexperienced principal and the HM for the sake of the school and the kids. These two ppl are playing lot of politics in the school just to hide thier incapabilities... They have created group of some parents who come to play in the evening and one can see kids of those parents participating in all the activities and getting awards everytime and going for the dinner and parties together. They are not giving fair chance to other 90 percent kids... Facilities are there but we have to pay extra money so that our child can go in the evening for the sports.. then what is  the use of paying so much fee for those sports activities if they are not providing them in the school hours??? Teachers and HM call our kids 'shameless, idiots and rowdy'.. We think they dont have experience how to talk and behave in a society.. Better they should learn this first!!!    Teachers lack proper guidance and they lack basic knowledge also. Principal is doing experiments... He is good for teaching job not for the administration. Hope that owners of the school will read my message and will invite all the parents for an open discussion on the problems we all are facing inspite of the good infrastructure provided by them to the principal..  An earnest request to the management please call all the parents and listen to them so that you get to know  that we want to make our child study in the schol but want some selfless principal and hm who can really work for the school and the kids...

most importent thing is indian culture this school is having only international name 95 % of students are indians .. and indian accent and indian culture is dominated i visted once for my kids admission but really dont like all of staff 100% is indian except only few teachers for french and rabic.. so really i dont want my kids to have indian influance on their drooming.

i am in total agreement with Sathyan, the school has good potential.  However the school management specially the Principal and Head Mistress need to be chanaged and this need to be communicated to the BOARD Members.  I enroll my son from the launching of Dunes with lot of expectation, since my son studied in Shajah DPS, expecting the same performance by the school, unfortunately it was very much disappointing to see the performance graph of my WARD is getting low as the years passing.  i have taken all the preventive measure by arranging local tuitons to overcome from his weakness and many occassion interacted with the Principal in regards to this concerns and he promise to look into this issue and never come back as incribed below by some of the participant.  Since i gave an Student who use to obtain always above 90% and today the sitatuation is he is hardly able to score around 60%. 

As i understand from the teachers that my is intelligent and very much interactive, still the outcome is not in line with his potential capabilities.

i suggested principal to arrange seperate sessions not only to my WARD for all those student who are GOOD and not performing well.  i also told him that we parents are paying many times more than IISD and naturally our expectations are also very high and at the same time the school authorities shall do something different from IISD to show they are more focus and concern.  This does not mean that IISD is not doing well, offcourse IISD is doing great inspite of HUGE strength.

3 of my chidrens are presently studying in DUNES, and i am confident that DUNES has good potential subject to some MAJOR changes in the management. 

if the TOP authorities not perfoming soon the SCHOOL GRAPH will also fall.

Yes, parents have righty to speak to the BOARD Members in regards to this issue and ensure that they revisit the existing STAFF and take necessary corrective measures

Hi every body, is it allowed to register Saudi nationality in this school in class 1 and above (more than 7 yrs)? Thanks in advance

Dear all, can you provide me with the email or phone number for me to call them please? I am searching for more international schools as other good schools are fully-booked for Sep 2013.

- Does anyone can tell about the rough school fees for Year 4 and 5 classes pls?

Thanks for sharing info

- Halim.

Can anybody update on the Dunes school eperiences, if there are any in the recent past?

How about the fees, as they are not displaying in the website?

thanks in advance.

the culture is entirely Indian dominated ,  90 % of students  , teachers , all the staff is Indian and specially they are projecting Indian culture in every matter of life.  so if any wanna make his kid Indian ,, go for it.

Sorry I don't know any schools there but please if anyone can help to share his or her experience in international schools at alkhobar, the reputation, curriculum, fees, date of admission.. Thanks in advance

hi trying to go to the website i used to go there 1 to 2 years ago so please if anyone kindly send the name to me i will be grateful  :par:

there are kids there that study there it is a great school :one

hey don't dare to say any thing bad about you don't even know anything about it it has 2 fields that are huge got it  :dumbom: i am the one who is beating the boy and you are the boy got it?    this message is only to jassam

Dear Friends,

Any one having Spare or Extra Indian International School - Dammam (IISD)  LKG Application form?

If someone is interested to sell the Application form, I'm Interested to buy one form



i think desertlifestyle, can help you out in this matter.

aadil.yes :

Dear Friends,

Any one having Spare or Extra Indian International School - Dammam (IISD)  LKG Application form?

If someone is interested to sell the Application form, I'm Interested to buy one form


Hi Sidra,

How are you? Your Dunes school website is :

Remember Ms. Ruksana Kulsom, she was/is a good teacher.

Let me know what you think.


I don't know about lower grades, but middle school is the BEST. I am in grade 10 CBSE and even the girls from IG section are friendly with us. U find the BEST classmates, no groupism amongst classmates.
(main reason why I came out of Sunshine International school, Al Khozama International school and I DONT prefer IISD)
I guess amongst our teacher,
Science batch is FABULOUS- no DOUBT;
Math teacher is so young, thus a bit of class management lacking in her (but her teaching is understood);
Social teacher is good, her way of teaching History is MARVELOUS, she even makes us study the pictures, though she is a bit unpredictable while teaching Economics.
Hindi teacher is the only problem, her grammar is not good, she checks internet for every word meaning we ask. Not a problem for me as I know Hindi and most of my friends being from North India, they helped me A LOT.
English is again Stupendous! No flaws!
Yes, we have swimming pool and classes are held once a week.
Our PE teacher is a REAL PE teacher, qualified in that subject and a national athlete too... Can u imagine we have lectures from her while playing? Hahaha i love her...
Activities are held and are apt for CBSE.
I must say fees is a bit high. But my parents only wanted a school where i was happy and i did not have a feeling of being segregated.
U have an admission test. Which is; I must say is Ok, not too hard not too easy.

That's it! Overall its a good school..

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Anyone please update me about dunes school???

can u give an update of 11th nd 12th especially sci stream?? nd is humanities availabe?

Hi everyone
We are just new here ...with two kids so rite now I'm searching for the good schools which should be economical in fees ...british n Americans schools are very high in there fee structure ...some body tell me about dunes if anyone knows there fee structure do share with me
Plz suggest me

Hi dear...
Plz can u help regarding the information of dunes international I'm new here n my son is ready to go in 4 standerd...

Well, I wanted to write about this school from a very long time before I start I would want to clarify this is not a personal rant I am writing these statements on actual facts which can be checked anonymously.

1. The most important person in a school is the principal who all the teachers and students look upto however i would like to name this person Mr.*** . This person is the most self absorbed self obsessed person i have ever met in my entire life who does think anyone is beyond him and is continuously boasting about himself. Politics is his prime game he is an expert in palying school politics . especially along with the school headmistress Ms.*** most cunning and egosistic women.

They are literally not interested in the hard work and efforts these teachers are putting. If the teachers are not able to ego massage the above two individuals they will be targetd on a daily basis.

There are whatsapp groups for each class and for the whole staffroom seperatly which is forced on every teacher to be a part of. Which completely disturbs the personal life of these teacher as they have families to look after beyond school timings.

There are male teachers who act like servant's in front of these two by keeping thier heads down like slaves and the same is expected from other teachers as well. For Eg.Mr.*** who is an english teacher with the worst English vocabulary.

Similarly there are many everyday nuisanse created by these two for teachers and for students.

Infrastructure wise the school is very nice it is on the highway so it makes transportation very easy it has got a big playground and the classrooms also have sufficient space. operationally it is one of the worst school to be a part of.

It is requested to the directors of the school to remove these two individuals if you want this school to succeed.

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These are the pakistanis who have very low back ground or no identity in pak land .. they born with complex n scary nature..  by any means when they manage to get passport suddenly they feel pround to show that they r 3rd dergree citizens.... Anyways my kids were in dunes and im not satisfied

Very true

Hi dear,
My kids are studying in Dunes, as I have read other post wanted to update more on the school.
School is good with excellent teaching staff but due to management, CBSE -Principal & Hm's politics this school is loosing excellent, experienced teachers/educators.
Since last 3 years, I have come to know many good teachers left the school due to Principal & Hm's partial attitude. Teachers must be respected for their work and profession not on the basis of favouritism.
Somehow I have shifted my kids to IGCSE Curriculum and I feel the Principal and the HM is managing pretty well. Students are happy .and my kids love their teachers. Teachers in IGCSE SEction are skilled and have good potential as I see the amount of hard work they are putting up is commendable.FLC Activities and other classroom activities are the highlights. Students love these activities. Excellent Science department not to mention any name but Science teachers are really giving hands-on learning experience to the students with practicals and good practice worksheets. But math is again problem over here, no experienced teachers and not much is done in this area.

Over All school is good but sometimes management must see to the other side of their school and academics part. Teachers and students Surveys must be done on regular basis and must work on to improve the entire structure. The teaching team is good only needs a good leader to lead them.

If any management is on this block ..a request to you plz appoint some good Principal and HM in CBSE SECTION. Need well-experienced Math teachers, Physics teachers,

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