accommodation in Salford university

Thanks for your response. I will do Master in translation and interpretation English/ Arabic . I will start the course in September. I applied for Castle Irwell accommodation.  It si an accommodation owned by salford university campus. It is        £3993.00 per year. But iam not sure if it is a good and safe place to live in.  what do you think? Can I find something cheaper and better?

Hi mohsine,

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When are you leaving for the Salford University?

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Thanks Hasnna. i will move in September 2014. It will be my first visit to UK.


I have rooms available for rent near Salford if you are interested you can send me a message.

hi Hasna,
i live in Castle Irwell accommodation now. My contract will finish in June. And i will have to look for another accommodation. Can i reserve your suggested rent for June? Also, i want to ask you if you are Moroccan. Do you know any Moroccan community? i want to meet some Moroccans Because i have not met any since i came to Salford in September.

Off topic, but may be interesting for our OP. … nchester/9

Other than that, this google search may help. … p;ie=UTF-8

hello mohsine, i was reading some subjects about accommodation in manchester and it seems you had same problem as i will have, i will be in manchester next october and i am looking for cheap place to stay in, any good information you could share with me it will be good help for me.

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