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  I wanted to know how good is the perfume shop in Junction?? A few days ago I bought 2 perfumes ( Bvlgari Man Extreme and Ch 212) from nakumatt TRM which turned out to  be fake. Wanted to try the shop in junction...Any reviews ??? or any other shop in Nairobi which sells genuine branded perfumes ??

thanks !!!

Oh my gosh, I hope you returned the fake perfumes and got your money back.  That's such a rip off.  I have actually bought perfumes from the Tuskys at Tmall and they were genuine and cheaper.

@WAWUDA My money was not returned.. though they issued a credit note for the same value to be used in one month..thanks anyways I will try Tusky's at Tmall.. Have you tried the shop in Junction or village market ??

No, I have not tried those shops.

try village market

go to laico regency downstairs you will get genuine perfumes .


That's a shame! Yes, I have bought perfumes from Fragrance Lounge from Junction using an offer they had, it was perfectly reputable.

I had seen the offer on OffersAfrica[dot]com , I just collected the offer code from the website and redeemed in store. Not sure if they do have more offers but definitely worth checking out that website to see if they do :)! Good luck and hope you find the perfume this time.

Please consider Smartcell Fashion for genuine perfumes. They have never disappointed They are located along Kenyatta Avenue, Phoenix House, 2nd Floor. They stock authentic fragrances at discounted prices. Check them on

Mosetti;  I don't know whether you noticed, but this thread is over 2 years old!

I read in the local dailies that one of the few shop selling original perfume in Kenya is Rono's shop in Yaya centre.

This thread is very old, Sheilla!!

For genuine perfumes and makeup I gave up trying to purchase in the various Nairobi mall after being disappointed time and again. Each time test is genuine of fake perfume just was too much work. I simply now just order perfumes from the UK via UK-DUKAS who offer me the option of sending me the original online purchase receipt of any perfume & makeup which I choose to shop from the UK (Debenhams, Harrods etc). I have found this is more effective and less stressful playing the guessing game with perfume locally as the market is full of expensive fakes.

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