essential oil rose hip oil & avocado oil

hi does anyone know where i can buy essential oils pure rose hip oil and avocado oil?? tnx

uchumi supermarket.

ngong hyper

tnx menge

Yes, i can get you a supplier if you still need it

Edwin; this thread is over three years old and the OP hasn't posted for some time, either!

Hi i will need Rosehip oil, jojoba oil and organic shea butter and coocnut oil when I move to Kenya

Where can I get this from in Nairobi

I have very sensitive skin and hope I can find the products in Kenya

Coconut oil is widely available. 

For example; you can easily find Dr Organic skin products at 'Healthy U'.  They also apparently stock Rosehip oil at about Ksh 3000 for 100ml,  Jojoba oil for  around Ksh 2100 per 100ml and Shea Butter for Ksh 1600 for 250ml.

There are a number of 'Healthy U' stores around Nairobi.  There is also a decent health store at Village Market.

Thank you for this very helpful information

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