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HI My name is Eugene
Trough research I found your website online I was hoping you could assist me.
I have a friend that invited me to Italy for a visit in the near future.

I saved up some money for a short stay there, but I’m looking to extend my stay in Europe  for a Quite wile longer.

Unfortunately if I would like to do that I have to find a job to support my stay. I was wondering if you know if it is difficult to get a work permit or a work visa for Slovenia if you are not an eu resident.

I am qualified as and Art director / graphic designer where I’m from but I would not mind doing something else at all such as bar work or work at a resort in the winter or summer season. That might be an amazing break that I need. I can speak English German and Dutch. I can provide a personal website and cv if needed.At the moment there is also a lot of political/racial and employment discrimination problems in my country wish i to at least like to take a break from.

I was wondering if you might be able to give me some feedback or advise of how I can get in contact with the right channels. I find Slovenia to be a very intriguing and beautiful place and would love to have an opportunity to visit some day soon.I have a big interest in languages,culture and history and love the European countryside. Im a hard working and committed to learn more and looking for an opportunity. Im currently residing in Capetown South Africa 

Kind regards
Eugene Van der Merwe

Hello Eugene
Here in Slovenia, it is very hard to find any job.
Concerning you, the solution is: First to find a company which will employed you and make a contract whith you, then the company will obtain a working permit four you. The process is long and difficult but it can be done. The real problem is to find a company which need you. SLovenija is full of young people looking for any job.
Another solution is to come and create your own company here, you will work as the manager of the company,  it is easy to do (I did it). Of course, you must have a good business plan before.
Have a nice day

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Good to meet you all.

John and Marie


Are you in Slovenia already?

You already left?


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