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New members of the Albania forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Albania forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Albania if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Hi all,
Where I work needs some English teachers. If you are american native speaker of English, do contact me. Cheir

Hey everyone! I'm an American college student with a family that has just moved to Albania. Before we moved to Albania, we found that that there was very little information about the country on the internet. Now that I'm spending my summer here, I've made it my mission to capture the beauty and culture of Albania with my blog to give the rest of the world a chance to see what it's like as well as share what I love about Albania with others living there. Check out my blog at :)

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well at the moment i am living in ny,usa  but if a couple of months i will move to my home land albania i live in a small city with a population of 2,000 people everybody know eachother in the city we are friendly unless you do something shady   i will start working in my city at a local slaughterhouse with pays 19,000  a year  which is 20,000 american dollors my parents own 2 house over there so i will live in one of the houses and i will live in albania for 5 years from those 5 years of working i will make 95,000 dollors with that much money you could live in my city     my city name is       gramsh,elbason,albania

hello it's grt

Hello I'm Melody, I'm Australian, I've been to Albania 2 times. The first time I was there I married my Albania husband
I am so very happy to have found this blog! As I am  considering moving to Albania.

I am replying to
"cttien 30 July 2014 07:20:17
Hi all,
Where I work needs some English teachers. If you are american native speaker of English, do contact me. Cheir"
I'm a native Australian speaking English and would like to know how to contact you about your work needing English teachers ?

Hi Fabjan, I am from Malaysia. Been interested to know Albania for a long time. Hope you can share some news, culture, opportunity about your country Albania. Rgds Nasarudin

hi everyone , im frm india , optometrist , working in uae now, i wuld like to work in albania, can any one help me to fined job there,,,

Is this something that's still available?

Hello everyone,

A little reminder, this topic is on "Introduction of members in the Albania forum". ;)

Thank you.

Hi all,
I'm an english girl with an albanian guy from Durres. Planning to marry ASAP. Any tips and advice greatly appreciated.

Christine :

Hello everyone,

A little reminder, this topic is on "Introduction of members in the Albania forum". ;)

Thank you.

@ > mrsmagoos Thank you to remain in the subject please.


Hi everyone,

I am Laurent and I am going to start a six-month internship in Tirana as of next week. I arrived in the city on Friday and I'd like to meet other people.

Please feel free to contact me,



   My husband and I live in Tirana we are both from the US.  We would love to meet fellow foreigners and discuss our unique challenges and beautiful places to see, either here on the blog or meet up for a coffee.
Really glad to have found this blog!  If you would like to meet up for a coffee feel free to send a private message and we can swap numbers or meet up downtown  :)
Matt and Greta

my husband and I live in Tirana. We lived in the United States for 4 years in Pennsylvania.
I am from Italy and my husband is an Albanian who works in Tirana as a wedding photographer. We like meeting other people. Feel free to contact me.

Hello my are from gramsh elbasan...i'm from elbasan too...mnice to speak with you

Hi! Nigel and Ian here. Originally from the UK, we have lived in Turkey for ten years but with the current situation here, are looking at other options ... Albania being high on our list!! Time to start researching we think!!  :)

Përshëndetje! My name is Andres and I've just joined as I prepare to move to Tirana in just under a month (August 2015). I will be one of the Deputy Heads of School at the new Albanian College Tirana and I am very much looking forward to the experience. I have traveled extensively in Europe but this will be my first time in the Balkans region and in Albania. My two boys (ages 12 and 9) are also looking forward to life in a new country, having grown up in Asia and Africa up to now. I am also a new member of InterNations and BeWelcome and a long-time member of CouchSurfing. I am sure I will probably be using the forum to ask a few questions but more importantly to connect with other expats, and locals, in the area. Faleminderit!

Hello everyone,

I am originally from Spain and someone in Albania is very dear to me. I would like to get some help and tips regarding how to help him in any way.  Anyone else is working abroad is less then good conditions.

Please let me know.

Many many thanks to everyone!

Hi All,
I would like to enquire the civil engineer prospects in albania.I am intending to relocate to albania in the coming months for working & staying in tirana. Can anyone please help me.
Ajit Gandhi

Hello and welcome to, sorry I can not assist you with your inquiry as it's not my area of knowledge.
Hopefully someone else will be able to help.
All the best

HI Andre, hope you are in Tirana by now.

I am from Malaysia. Traveled through Balkan when i was young but never to Albania. It was closed then. Hope you can share with me about life in Albania.



Hi Fabjan,

Are you already back to your homeland? Hope you are happy be back with many of your relations there.

I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I enjoy travel and looking for opportunity to teach at university or college in Albania.

I taught business management and marketing subjects at university in Kuala Lumpur.

Appreciate if you could tell your friends about me looking for university teaching tob.

Thank You.



I very much enjoyed your post, as I see many of the people writing here are looking for advices how to facilitate marriage process or finding a job.
Albania is a nice country, with friendly people and I hope you have already noticed this.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful time in Albania,

Best regards,


Hello everyone and welcome to all new members  :)

I remind you that the New Members thread should only be used for the introduction of new members. Please start a new topic on the Albania forum if you want to exchange any ideas.

Thank you,
All the best,

Hi everyone, so nice to find a forum about Albania.

I retired early and live in Turkey with my husband, 3 cats and a dog. We rent our home here.
We love it here, have been here for over 4 years, but politically things are looking grim and we're looking for other options, but don't want to go back to the UK.

Many friends are going to Bulgaria, and buying ridiculously cheap houses, but after hours of looking online it just doesn't appeal to me.

Within minutes of looking at Albania I was excited to know more.
It looks beautiful, although I was surprised at prices, but maybe they just seem expensive compared to Bulgaria.

We would ideally want to rent and am hoping to find some sites dedicated to rental, and don't necessarily want a sparkly apartment which is all I've seen so far.
Something a bit more rural with a garden would be nice!

Looking forward to joining your community and seeing what attracted you all to Albania


Hey everyone,
I am originially from Northern Ireland and have come to Albania to enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate - sunshine, blue skies etc. Nobody told me about the rain though! Sometimes when I look out the window I think that I am back at home. I've already tried to climb Mount Dajti twice and have been forced back each time because of thunderstorms.
I'm also a Mathematics teacher who's looking for a job - all grades, but I do prefer teaching the Higher Level material.
If you have any leads get in touch.

Could you clarify as to WHY you have to be an American to teach English?

Yes. Because Americans can't even talk English - like, you know ...

Bhavna :

Hello everyone and welcome to all new members  :)

I remind you that the New Members thread should only be used for the introduction of new members. Please start a new topic on the Albania forum if you want to exchange any ideas.

Thank you,
All the best,

Hi.   I'm about to move to Tirana.   Actually, I'm going to be spending alternate months working in Tirana, doing a jobshare with a colleague who will be doing the other months.   I need to work out roughly how much our expenses (mainly accommodation) are likely to be.    We'll be looking for a two bedroom apartment, reasonably close to the centre of town.   Maybe I should put this question on another thread as well as here?     Anyway, I'm Bernie.   British, single, originally from London, now in the West, near Bath.    I'll be working hard, but also I'll be keen to come out to play, and to explore what seems to be a fascinating country.   I'll be visiting during the first week in December, and trying to sort out accommodation.  After that, January, then alternate months.   Hope to meet some of you in the next year....
- Bernie.

Hi Bernie,

Welcome to! Thank you for this intro. You should start a new topic on the forum Albania and ask your questions ;)

Thank you.

I wiish to welcome everyone on this thread and thank you for your introduction.

I'm looking to play futboll division 2

Hi,i am cezan and i have an albanian fiancè and i had visited albania last week.i had visited the city in durrès,tirana,fier and vlorè.the family of my fiancè are very hospitable and caring,even the feels like home to me but a little bit less sophisticated.i had a great time over there and planning to return for christmas

Hi everyone... I am a Kenyan, have just completed my diploma in clinical medicine course and am yet to start my internship next year February. I have an idea that i feel if it can be improved and well handled with the correct people, it will be of medicaly great importance to many people.

Hi I'm Mark,
Am looking to move to the Balkans (likely Albanian coast or mountains) quite soon. I love all animals so am veggie, like to cycle and am getting into surfing slowly, very interested in the archaeology of the area too.  Hope to go dive the wrecks off the coast one day.

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