To where to move?

Hello everybody,

I am planning to make some changes in my life and one of the taken decision is to move abroad (now living and working in Turkey)

I love walking and camping hence prefer to move a country which has a similar weather condition as Antalya where I am living now. When I searched on internet found two good options; Montenegro and Albania; these two countries has good weather, good lands (I love to have a house with a garden or a small land to make my own house with garden), and welcoming to new beginners.

That would be great if you can share with me your experiences if you have any with these two countries.

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

Better to Albania. Nice weather, good food, beautiful people.
consider this!

Dear Anila,
Many thanks for your response. When I checked that out on internet noted that Durres or Sarande are very lovely places to live. That would be great if you can share your experiences about these two cities. Also I am looking for real estates who has web page then I can check my future house there.
Kind regards,

Durres and Saranda are amazing. The nature and the sea: wonderful. You will like them. I go to Durres because it is near Tirana.

If you would like to buy a house is better to do it when you are here: it is cheaper and maybe someone could help You for a bargain.

I don't know any real estate. I recommend You not dealing online with real estates.

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Hi Zelce, Few years ago, I knew a British couple who were quite inclined on moving to Albania. They both took a few trips and were close to buying a house in Tirana.  Some time later I learnt from a common friend that they returned to UK after living a year and half in Tirana. I suggest first check the atmosphere before investing in a property.
Stay Blessed, Zill

Hello .
I live in Durres and it's nice to be here .
People are somehow like in Turkey , lovely and friendly .
You will like here

I love Turkey. I have visited Albania many times, my husband is Albanian. He lived in Durres. I have been in Durres, Saranda, Vlore, Tirana.
I prefer Durres.
Good people, great food, nice beaches, near to the city of Tirana etc.

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