Hello, my name is karim and I am Algerian I got the installation to usa visa (green card) I am an engineer in physics and I do not know what state I have to choose a better chance of working, while I await your guidance with patience.
thank you.

Hello, Karim.

I am not to sure I can help you with this, however you should try to find work before you leave your country. It will make your transition much smoother.

The only career I know of that involve physics would require citizenship/naturalization and a top secret clearance. That said, I know there are other options but I do not know where, maybe universities? … 38#1670966

Go to whatever state this person is in.

Azul aKarim,

follow your heart!

Safiia :

Azul aKarim,

follow your heart!

to Washington state

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