Does anyone know where to purchase a dog door?

We just moved here to Chiang Mai and have 3 dogs who are used to
a doggie door. I would like to have one put into a screen door that
has an aluminum sheet on its bottom.
Im also looking for suggestions as to dog beds in this humid, hot
climate.  Thanks!

Hi sue8,

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Thank you

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The site in link below is in Thai but they should have what you want.

Thank you for your reply.
It doesn't look like they sell the screen door type.
I'm renting so  I figure I could get away with installing one into my screen door.

Dog beds?  Diggy is offended at the concept.  Our bed is his bed.  But if you insist may I suggest you get the kind this is sort of like a little square hammock.  A couple of reasons number one being it is cooler.  The air circulates around the dog's entire body,  Additionally they seem to be extremely comfortable for the dogs.  I like having their beds up off the floor because of the critters that wander around at night.  You could put the legs in containers of water that would keep cockroaches, biting insects, fleas, centipedes etc off your fur babies while you sleep.

I have 3 dogs and they all slept in my bed with me in the US.
But now here I have a little bed and there's not enough room. In the morning they wind up being there anyway. I had a couple of
those hammock beds for my last two dogs in Calif. and they would never use them so I am reluctant to buy them again.But you are right
I know if I were a dog I'd like one! Thank you for replying

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