Recommendations for pet relocation agent in Chiang Mai?

Hi all,

I will be moving my two dogs and one cat from Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai at the end of next month.

I'm familiar with all the requirements for vaccinations and chipping and certificates and so on... but can anyone recommend a pet relocation agent in Chiang Mai to take care of the paperwork for us? Given the short time frame, it would be one less thing to worry about!

Thanks for any suggestions.


I don't know anything about a pet relocation service. On the other hand I know of a company called Assist Thai Visa. Considering the amount of visa's they come up with they might direct you to such a service. They are on line.

I've been doing my research since I'm bringing my furry son to the Land of Smiles:
My cat will not need a passport or criminal background check, but it looks like everything else is required. ;)

I would not recommend Assist Thai Visa to anyone.

I have had excellent service with Assist Thai Visa. Then again, that's my experience.

Is such a service really necessary?
I can see enlisting special help if I was bringing a Thai animal into the States, since there are so many restrictions going that way...

Thanks for your replies. For the benefit of anyone reading this in the future, I have just done the move to Chiang Mai and am happy to say that the pet importation was by far the easiest element of the whole thing. Because all the vaccinations were in order and Malaysia has been rabie-free for six months, there was no quarantine required. The information on was accurate and useful and the Thai Veterinary Department were straightforward to deal with. They emailed me a form and list of requirements within 24 hours and once all the vaccinations were done, I scanned and returned copies of all the requested documents to them. The approval email and scanned import permit was emailed to me 48 hours later. I was impressed with how efficient it was and when we arrived at the airport, the procedure was really simple: a short inspection with the animal import guy (the first office on the left as you come through into the  Chiang Mai international baggage reclaim hall), filling out a couple of forms, paying the inspection fee (500 baht per animal) and finally, paying import tax at the office after the baggage scan, on the right just before you go through to Arrivals. The friendly customs officer asked us how much the dogs/cat were worth and we joked that we had no idea because they are all rescue mongrels. He therefore helped us to get them through for the lowest amount possible, which was another 500 baht per animal. For anyone worried about the process, it was surprisingly straightforward and you definitely don't require an agent on this side to help.

Thank you so much for posting this!   My Malamute is a working Service Dog here in the US and if indeed I decide to move to Chiangmai Mai, wanted to ensure his travel would be as smooth as possible. ;-)

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