Cat ownership in Chiang Mai

Hello, everyone! My name is Emily and I am a 27-year-old high school English teacher who will start working at an international school in Chiang Mai in August. I have an adult, indoor cat who I love. I am wondering if there are pet-friendly apartment complexes or rental properties in downtown Chiang Mai. I am also wondering if the architecture is too open to keep an indoor pet inside. There is an American family who would love my cat and take good care of him but I would much rather keep him with me, but if that isn't feasible/safe for him, he can stay stateside. I know what I need to do to get him to Thailand, but I am a bit worried about how to get him back into the country. (At this point I am planning on staying in Thailand for 1-3 years.)

You will be fine here with your cat.

I heard that Flora House in Tambon Chang Phueak is very good for pets.
But I wonder if there are places that accept cats but not dogs. :)

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