Moving with cat

I'd like to hear about any experiences about moving to Thailand with a pet cat. (Specifically going to CM for TESOL).

Cat on the plane? Cat in quarantine? Cat in hotel, apartment, condo? Cat outside?

I know there are stores that sell pet food; what sort of quality is available? Would it be cheaper to feed a raw diet?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ruffian Dick,

You will find some useful information by reading the following thread : Pets in Thailand.

You may as well participate on that thread if you wish.

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Yes, thank you, Bhavna. I have already read that thread, and I found no answers to my questions there.

Hi Ruffian

Regrading the apartments and condos let's say there are not many options as you would expect for a big city like Bangkok and with so many properties to offer, when it comes down to pet friendly not many choices and it depends on many things, budget, area, new or older condo better chance of allowing cats, owners...etc

please feel free to have a look :

let me know if you have questions regarding properties.

Mirela T. M

Thanks, Mirela, but I am moving to Chiang Mai, not Bangkok.

After a while, I see myself buying a condo somewhere in the CM area, and depending on the condo association rules, I assume (?) I'd be free to keep whatever pet I want there.

I've found out that both Korean Air and Delta fly into Chiang Mai, and they both allow cats in the cabin. That's a relief.

And I know that Flora House in the Nimman area of CM is pet-friendly. So there are two sighs of relief.

Well, I haven't updated this.
My cat is too fat. I was on the phone with the airline. They asked me to weigh the cat and his enclosure, and together they weigh too much. So he is going in the cargo area. :(

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