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Hi I m currently in Costa Rica and I m contemplating a move to Gibraltar in January. I m just wondering if anybody has information about jobs or has worked in the gaming industry....companies,application process,prospects etc.I m Canadian but I hold an EU passport.Thanks.

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Well I live in Gibraltar and whilst I am not involved in Gaming, I know it is one of the main locations for it.

Loads of reasons to move here it would seem for yourself, beaches, English speaking, Paid in Sterling, low rate of tax,  weather etc.

You would definately need an EU passport to work here as I know that there are issues if you dont have one and are trying to get a job.

There are several on-line recruitment agencies here and I know that the one which I used to get a job in admin are always advertising for egaming along with computer gurus!  Anyways, the one which got me a job are called Recruit Gibraltar and they have a small office at the end of Irish Town behind the Police Station.  They are a friendly honest bunch and they told me my chances of getting a part time was dire.  But hey presto, several months later I am working part-time.

I really appreciated their honesty upfront.

Anyways, I think that the gaming companies also advertise on-line themselves too so that might be worth checking out as well.  I think I heard someone say that there are 26 gaming companies (but not sure if that is true) but if it is, you should have a pretty good chance of employment if you have done the job before I guess.

However, unless you are 'high-up' in the industry I think they like you to be here as it only seems the top flyers get allowances for relocation.

Anyways, so basically my suggestion is to get surfing and try agencies as well as the companies themselves.  (The job you are in, is the company worldwide, could you not transfer??)

Best of luck to you xx

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Check this website for more info please:
Hope you can find some info about online gaming jobs.

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I registered with several agencies and found SRG so good - see here; They're actually based in Gibraltar and helped a lot with my move over.


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