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I am just about to purchase my plane ticket, as I intend to visit Thailand in November for approx 2 months.
I am visiting mainly Chiang Mai and Lampang....however the question is...

I have put my itinerary together and have approx 62 days, however would it be a lot easier for me to plan for only 58/59 days so I only later from the Thai Consul in England (1 month before I travel) need apply for a 1 entry visa tourist visa (60 days) or would it be advisable to apply for a 2 entry tourist visa even though it would be only so i can stay another 4 days.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


If you have a tourist visa and receive a permission to stay for 60 days upon arrival you can obtain 30 day extension.  You need to apply for the extension at Immigration several days before your 60 days are up and it will cost 1900 baht.  This is best option although it could require several hours at immigration getting extension.

If you want to run the risk you can overstay and pay an overstay fee of 500 baht per day at airport when you clear immigration upon departure. The risk is being caught by immigration police during the few days of overstay and problems could be severe.  If you like rolling the dice its an option and the odds are in your favor.

A second entry on visa is option if you plan on being near border during your stay and can spare one day for same day border run.

Straydog offers the perfect solution.

I would just add that if finances are important take a look at the cost of single entry + 1900 baht for extra 30 versus double entry TV without extension but + cost of border visa run.

The double entry + 2 extensions is a favourite of folk who like to spend around 6 months in LOS + 6 months in their own country each year.

Whether its economical is another question.

Don´t know you age and about how you set about money..
But if you over 50 years, and have the money.
Why not get a Non Immigrant O 90 days single. ??

Never done that :

Don´t know you age and about how you set about money..
But if you over 50 years, and have the money.
Why not get a Non Immigrant O 90 days single. ??

He's only 48/49 if you look on his profile.

You are correct..I am 48yrs old/young

I hope to retire to Chiang Mai once I turn 50, so this visit (I think my 25th) is a visit to look at apartments etc

Thank you for all your replies, however I feel the safest option is to book my flight for 58 days after I arrive, that way there won't be any chance of a problem, as I will obtain my 60 day tourist visa from the Thai Consul in England 1 month before I depart....


New laws on overstay and bans, is there any appeal route?

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