who would like to play tennis ?

Hi, who would like to play tennis ?

I am living in Pest Side but also could be in any club in Buda side as well. I play tennis for few years.


Hi Kadu,

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I suggest you to post an advert in the Budapest Classifieds, Activities/Sport partners section, this might help.

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Hello guys,

I am organising a tennis tournament (amateur level) to help players find a tennis partner. The even is on this saturday in the afternoon from 13.00. Call me if you wanna play: +36207755043.

cheers. its lots of fun.

Hi kjanosi73,

Please can you post your advert in the Budapest Classifieds, Activities/Events, Activities, Leisure section. This might interest some members. :)



Hi you srill looking for tennis partners?

Dang this makes me so sad...
Love tennis, was rather OK at it UNTIL... The big knee dislocation at age 12.
After recovery went on the courts again, within 10 mins. my knee blew up and had to be drained with 2 huge needles.
Enjoy the game... these days table tennis is my limit.

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