Hotel's and Bars - Can Tho

Looks like I'll be in Can Tho over night next week for a friends wedding.
Any decent bars in the area worth a visit?
What about hotels? any I should avoid?

Where's wild_1 when you need him? LBF I'd be more than glad to offer advice but I live about an hour out of Can Tho and normally only go into town during the day to do shopping....

Budman that's what I was wondering.... :rolleyes:

We are staying there overnight, the wedding is about an hour or so away from there, but apparently nothing much in the village worth staying there for. :lol:

What's the name of the place?

I'm sure Wild_1 will pop in here shortly.

My vote goes to Hop Pho in the + column, for both nightlife and just regular dining.

We also stayed at a guest house just opened and was operated by the local cong an... I think it was Tay Nam. It wasn't bad for like $15USD/night

I think it was Golf hotel where you can go to the terrace bar and have a great view of Can Tho. There's probably other hotels too but I frequent that one just to sit at the roof top and catch some nice breeze.

khanh44 didn't they have a fire there during Tet?

don't know last time I was back there was 2008 ish during a soccer sea game.

What happened?

khanh44 what I read was that during Tet this year there was a fire in the Disco downstairs or close to the Golf hotel.

Wild_1 hooked me up with the Holiday Hotel, on Ly Hong Thanh street, just off Tran Van Kheo street. It's similar to the smaller tourist hotels (it's not a "mini-hotel") in district 1 HCMC, and the cost is about 500,000/night. It was plenty nice-enough for me.

There aren't many bars (if any) in Can Tho as we know them in HCMC. The main source of entertainment there is karaoke, and there are a lot of those in the area nearby Holiday Hotel. There are quite a few very good Vietnamese restaurants in CT also.

khanh44 Here's the link: … heque.html

not trying to pick you up Budman because of your avatar but you said 1 hour from Can Tho city. So whereabouts are you from. Do you know Long My? That's where I was born. It's about 1 hour southwest of Can Tho city. Sometimes I like to hang out at Cho cuu by the river.

Back on topic. Victoria hotel looked nice but they wouldn't let me in. Probably because I wasn't dress appropriately.

Budman1 :

What's the name of the place?

Place called Chi Lang in An Giang Province....

I've no idea where it is :D

but looking on the map.. seems crazy we're going to Can Tho... but wtf do I know...


During the day, Hop Pho or Hoa Su are the places to go.  At night, I go to Mekong Restaurant or La Ca.  Golf is opened now, but it is a club, not a bar. 

As for hotel, Holiday is where I send my families and friends.  Just don't go to Victoria and the Ninh Kieus.  They suck big time.  The first is now Vietnamese-owned and operated, the later is owned by the Army.  The services don't justify the prices.

Sorry, I saw the post, but was busy doing  Budman's dirty works...

For entertainment, I usually go to one of the high end karaokes, like Paris or Kizz (just behind the Holiday Hotel) and get the biggest room there.  Then, when I get tired of singing, I just let others sing or allow the musics to play, while I dance or drink.  They might not have a full bar, but more than enough for me.  It is pretty much like having your own little bar.

Cheers for the info guys, much appreciated.

laidbackfreak That place looks like it's located southwest of Chau Duc close to the Cambodia border. Hope your session of the wedding party your invited to doesn't start at the traditional 7AM

Chi Lang is quite far away from Can Tho, it'll take you hours to get to Cần Thơ. i think you better stay in the An Giang city during the night.  if you need any advice about hotel or places to eat there, i'm willing to help. I'll be in  Thốt Nốt that time which is about 10 mins riding to An Giang.

cang_nduc I was going to suggest An Giang or Chau Duc also as an alternate because of distance to Can Tho, BUT, I re-read LBF post and it said "his wife said they were staying in Can Tho" so that ends the story....:)

Looks like a change of venue is on the cards after all....

Chau Doc is the new destination for the overnight....

Plans are we drive there on Friday, drive to wedding on Saturday and back to HCMC after the wedding on Saturday....

This should be interesting :D

Makes sense to me.... Is it a 7AM start time?

No idea on start time, but I've been told morning! i was hoping this meant around 10am :D

No chance LBF, you'll be chugging rice wine as the sun comes up. Ouch....

there's a hotel named Victoria in Chau Doc, i think it's the best there. :D ( u can see it on google )

LBF to stay on topic, did you get a good place to stay. How did the party go? Were you chugging rice wine at 7AM???

Next week... Bud :)

I'm heading there on Friday.... Wedding is Saturday.

Last time the guys were down there (prior to my arrival) they drank the local bia oi places dry... The police turned up as they get so few westeners down there, saw my friend recognised him and said hello, then left them to it :D

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The Victoria is the most expensive hotel in Chau Doc. They were going to give me a room for $80.00 a night. When I told them I was looking for something for cheaper, they were nice enough to  suggest several other hotels. Those were filled, but I found a "massage hotel" for $22 a night. Floors 3 and up were massage rooms, while floors 1 and 2 were for regular guests.

Chi Lang used o be near a major Army headquarters which occupied part of Nui Cam. The areas is supposedly being developed for tourism. I found some photos of a tourist type temple complex on Google Earth that looked fairly new. The Chau Doc hotels were pretty crowded after Tet two years ago. Mostly with western tourists going in to or coming out of Cambodia.

I'm working on a novel set in the Seven Mountains Region between 1925 and 1965, so I've been there several times.

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