Christmas Eve in Can Tho

Visiting Can Tho and spending the Christmas Eve there.
What it will be look like? Will be there any events for Christmas in Can Tho?
Any Christians there  to organize a Christmas Dinner or coffee evening?

it's boring here, not much things to do

Ha-ha you fed up?  :D However I met a good Christian family with whom we are going to have dinner.

Can Tho is a very beautiful city. we had a nice Christmas dinner with a lovely Christian family. We went to a church where the mass was conducted in Vietnamese. Our beautiful friend Alice helped us a lot. Tribute to her lovely family for giving us a nice experience.
However, I love Can Tho and again we want to travel there

They have a nice bridge there. I went to Can Tho once. It rained.

I usually just hang around on my crucifix next to the statue of Bac Ho.

Helluva way to spend easter!

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