Seeking info for reliable maid services..!

Hi fellow expats...
My family will soon be joining me here in KL and before they come in, I intend to shortlist some maids/maid agencies who can provide reliable services. As of now I am planning for a full time maid but my options are flexible.. I checked on Google but could not find enough info. If you guys have gone through this and been successful, please share with me. My wife intends to work after getting settled here. My baby is just 9 months old...! :)
Oh and the maid would not have to cook.. Just house maintenance and baby care..

Although I dint get much help by posting my query here, still my efforts dint go futile and I have been able to manage a full time 9 to 5 maid.. Bonus is that she's an Indian and knows North Indian cooking too.. My wife cant thank me enough once she comes in.. haha..!

good for u man :-) i think getting a maid is the second toughest thing to do in kl for an expat. first being getting a job :-)

True that..!
Today had my first home cooked lunch.. Guess Wot.. Aloo Paratha with Dahi..!!
Love it.. Had it after almost 5 months..! Now, for tomorrow.. Rajmah Chawal.. hehe..!

Hi coooolguy_tdh,

I suggest you post an advert in the Housemaid jobs in Kuala Lumpur :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hey Maximilien17
As I mentioned above, I have already got my maid..! So no more advertisement required..!

Hey cooolguy

Did you get the maid from some agency ? I am looking for similar ones :-)


What are your requirements? I have some contacts now..! Can try to help you out..

akc_rs :

Hey cooolguy

Did you get the maid from some agency ? I am looking for similar ones :-)


Are you already in KL? Your profile states otherwise..!

Hi...i kbw it is laye but can you tell me how much you paid your maid and if you have other contacts.

goodafternoon Sir are you looking for fulltime stay in or stay out


i read your post and happy you got a maid, i am in same situation and looking for south Indian maid here in KL, could you please share your experience and reliable sources to find a maid. thanks in adance

Hi sir are u still looking a maid

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Jobs in Kuala Lumpur section if you are either proposing or seeking a job.

All the best,

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