Living and Life in Pasig City, Manila

Hello Guys,

I will be moving to Pasig city in Manila in few weeks from now and i will be travelling with my wife and family.

If someone can assist me with details on rent, food, safety, transport and etc that will be great.

Since i am a first time traveller to Manila, i am in dark as how i would need to proceed.

Hi Welcome to Manila Rajesh.

Rent:  In Pasig area, if you are going to stay in Ortigas Business District, rent is higher. For example, a studio type apartment would cost around 12000-15000 bare.  If you stay in some residential areas (like Rosario Pasig or areas farther from the business district then you can get a house for even around 9000-15000 (check first if it doesn't get flooded, some houses look really pretty but gets submerged in water during monsoon season hehe)

Food- there are a few Indian restaurants in Manila. You may also opt for vegetarian restaurants like bodhi, etc. etc.  I don't think you'd have too much trouble with food. 

Transportation - We have 3 subway lines here in Manila.  We take buses, jeepneys, fx, taxis, tricycles etc.  What is your main concern regarding transpo?  Google maps might help but you cannot check out the bus, fx, routes in there. 

Safety - I'd say ortigas is generally safe. I have been working in ortigas for around 8 years. Pretty good place, safe and convenient. 

Welcome again.  Hope you and your family would have a good time in the Philippines :)


I am presuming that you are working with a local company.
Didn't they make arrangements for you yet?
Do you have kids?
How long are you going to stay?

Would you prefer residential or condo?
How much is your budget?

Pm me your location of work so we can find a nearby place for you to stay. I would suggest a temporary place first while you take the time to look for the perfect one with your family.

Plan well. Invest well. Insure well. Live well...

Thanks Much Anilin..Appreciate your detailed stuff.

I am ok to travel 30mins a day from home to office and the one you suggested around 10,000 should be ok with me. Would those be furnished apartments? I was a bit worried on that because purchasing furnitures would be an issue and i may need to resell when i am planning to come back.

Transporation - Hmmm the fact that was worrying me is - how much do i need to spend for a day / month if i may look at travelling for 30mins?

Great to hear that you have been working for 8years there..would you be able to share with me some contacts privately who can help me to find a house that will also help.

Apart from that whats famous in Pasig? i am looking to enjoy sometime as well apart from my official work? how about tourist spots, shoppings and Malls?

What do you think will be a good amount of money to spend for 3 in my family including self so that i can pay for rent, transport, monthly provisions, phone bill, electricity, water charges and others

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.

Hello Pinay,

I am working for a company based out of the US which has office at Hanston square and i will be relocating there during mid of April

They may provide me with initial arrangements in a hotel but i need to find one within 15days after reaching Pasig. Thought would be a good idea to plan from now on.

I have a kid and we are total in 3 and any safe place in and around Hanston square with max of 10,000 rent would be ok with me. Is there a place near Hanston where Indians live? If i can get near that, it will be of help too so that i dont feel much that i am away from home.

I will be staying for 3years. I am not sure whats a condo? i am looking for a furinished house at a max of 10,000 rent for a month.

What do you think will be a good amount of money to spend for 3 in my family including self so that i can pay for rent, transport, monthly provisions, phone bill, electricity, water charges and others

I would definitely look to save some money and take back something when i leave from here :)

At P10k a month furnished for a family of 3, you will be living in a 1 room studio and in a poor area. Utilities are expensive.

Hi Rajesh,

I cover a lot of information about living and working in Manila (as an international first-time) on my website (see my profile here). It covers everything incl. schooling, transport, living, making yourself comfortable :).

If you are not local and try to find an accommodation for three people at around 10.000, that's gonna be quite difficult. Water is cheap but electricity is very very expensive. If you are using air-condition and have some appliances, it can easily go from 2.000 to 8.000 or more per month with three people.

If your budget is that tight, I would seriously consider not bringing your family and just live in a dorm. 3 years is not long.

Hi Rajesh,

My office is near Hanston, I work at Taipan Place building.  You are along Emerald Avenue right?  I see a few Indians along Emerald Avenue every now and then. Or I see them walking along ADB avenue.

I hope it is not too late to answer your questions:
1.  Would those be furnished apartments?
Usually apartments are unfurnished..

2.  Transporation - Taxi costs 40 pesos flag down.  Jeepneys cost 8.00 pesos minimum fare. The minimum cost of subway fares is at 10:00 pesos. Transportation cost should depend on where you are going and the proximity of where you live. 

3. Pasig has malls :) hehe :) SM Megamall, Shangri La, Podium, St. Francis, Robinsons. All of which are walking distance from your workplace. There are also museums nearby.  Pasig has Ortigas the place where you would be working.  It is probably the second business district in Manila, second to Makati

4. For cost of living, this numbeo page might be useful. Purchasing power in the Philippines is less as compared to India. Prices are a little bit higher here save for a some commodities.


Lastly, I found the house where I'm living at a website called  You might be able to see some houses there.  Or you might opt for a condominium unit so you dont have to travel far. Try Citiland. It's along Emerald Avenue..

i live in pasig

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