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Does anyone know where I buy organic chicken and eggs?
I searched on google and there are 2-3 websites with organic vegetables and food, but nobody answers the phone/ email.

Also,  as I could read, there is no Institution in the Philippines that can control the quality of so called 'organic food',
Meaning, anybody can pretend their food is organic. No control will happen to certify the quality of the food.

That's why I am sceptical when I see the label 'organic' on some foods in the supermarkets and I would like to buy from a producer/ farmer etc.

Any ideas?


For organic chicken and eggs, You can find them in local market. I used to go to Guadalupe to buy organic Chicken and eggs.

Like you said, dont trust the label. My friend has a farm up in Tagaytay growing vegetables and uses a lot of fertilizer and pesticides.  He sells to merchants who bring it into Manila. But when he visited some of the markets, saw they had labeled it organic. He will be the first to tell you that almost all produce grown locally will have used chemicals, the soil has all be over used/poor and pests are numerous.

I know SM labels some chickens and eggs as organic. I am not sure whether the big national chains have more quality control than the local markets.

Hi Silvia,

I was just reading the topics at the forum and was quite interested with what you had just voiced-out. You are correct that there are still some lapse for the control and regulation of our Organic Food Products for our consumers.

Normally, what we do is check out the product contents of the products and the reviews of the items from Department of Trade and Industry if your that skeptic with the products in the market.

Just wanted to ask are you vegan? If it is ok with you, I can forward to you a certain product that I love that you can try. We do have a variety of Organic products that you might be interested in, such as our All Natural Suka (All Natural Vinegar), Organic Atchara, Our Famous Bottled Organic Longganisa (no preservatives), Bottled Tocino, and Bottled Tapa to name a few.

Hope that I was of help with regards to your concern.

Thank you


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