Quiz night?

Hello, I'm new to Bordeaux and was wondering if anyone knew of a pub trivia night here?

Hello Bitsa.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

An introduction would be great!

Thank you,

I have done some investigoogling and found some pubs that offer a quiz.  Now all I need is a team! Anyone interested?

I would definitely be interested in that - I love a good pub quiz!

Hi Paul,

The quiz night seem to be Wednesdays or Sundays. The Sherlock Holmes, the Charles Dickens and the HOP (House of parliament) offer it. I've not been to any of them yet, so don't know which to recommend. 

Do you know anyone else that would also be interested to joining a team?



Hi Chloe,

I haven't been to any of these quizzes either, so I guess the best option might be to pick at random! Either that or by the location (in case you don't know, HoP is in the pedestrian area, near Place de Bourse, Charles Dickens is on the quai further towards the bridge, and Sherlock Holmes is next to Place Gambetta, but all of them would be equally convenient for me)

I don't really know anyone else to invite unfortunately. I wouldn't mind trying it with just two, or maybe you would prefer to wait and see if anyone else shows an interest?


Hi Paul,

The HoP quiz is on Sunday, the Sherlock Holmes is on a Wednesday, the Charles dickens is on a Tuesday.

I can make the Sherlock Holmes tomorrow night, or possibly the HoP Sunday, but may be away.  I will be in Zurich after that until about the 8th of February.

I'll try to find a way of I boxing you my number.


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