Living conditions in Arusha


I am a new here- I hope that anybody could give me some advice about living in Arusha. I have got a job offer of 1000 USD to work as a graphic and web designer Easy Travel Arusha, Tanzania. The contract is 2 years long and I have to make a decision soon.

Could anybody tell me what are the living conditions in Arusha - I will not have an accommodation provided. Is it safe to live there? Is there a medical center, shops, and also the taxation on my salary?

How are the local people? Is there any international community so you can meet and chat with other expats?

Looking forward for your comments


Hi Nicholas and welcome to!

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Hope that you'll soon be given some advice.

Thank you Harmonie!

$1000 USD is a bit too low for a two year gig here in Arusha. Rents range $300-$3000,taxes,  then car or other transportation and you will quickly eat up your paycheck.

Living conditions in Arusha are nice, and it is safe to live here. There are many medical clinics, shops, bars and such. But most of us will travel to Nairobi for any medical treatment, as it is not worth the risk to be treated anywhere in TZ.

There is a lager international community nd you can easly meet and chat with other expats!

Hi Justin..

I was recently told by my employer that they will be providing me with accommodation and facilities likes - electricity and internet, gas will be provided for the first month and ill have to refill from the next month..

And they mentioned that the house will be close to the office.. What do you think about it now?

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