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Hello everyone!
I'm applying for a PhD program in the university of Maastricht. I don't need to speak Dutch to be accepted because my work will be in English. However I'm worried about my boyfriend being able to find a job. He is a computer scientist with two years experience as an Android developer. He is French and he speaks perfect English (and some German) but nothing of Dutch. I know for most people is hard to find a job without speaking Dutch but do you know if it is the same in the IT companies? In many countries engineers and computer scientist can work speaking just English but I don't know if it's the same in the Netherlands

Thank you!

Hi Galeta, hope that you'll soon be advised!;)

Do not hesitate to post an advert in the section Jobs in Maastricht, it may help.

Fingers crossed,

He may be able to find work with a Dutch or American company also there is a job agency called Undutchables ( i think it is). Mayb he can try there.

Hi Galeta,

He can try at Teleperformance in Maastricht, they will certainly take him on if he knows about dealing with people and repairs to pc's and they do not require that you speak Dutch, as long as you have English and possibly another European language.

Give it a try.

Good luck!!

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I wouldn't worry much about that, Belgium is right next door and they speak French, besides accommodation is cheaper in Belgium and it's barely a couple of kms. away.

Normally as your boy friend is French, he is not oblige to learn Dutch
as all foreigner coming in NL . Just because we made Europe with Dutch,
Italian ...Nearly all Dutchs can speak English ( except people didn't study
after their 16 years old) even Dutch people they are the people can speak better
English in this world. He can find a work on some uitzenburo agencies as undutchables,
bruno , ...With key words he will find . Dutch didn't oblige to speak their own langage
even they prefer...
Sophie-Anne married to a Dutch man ( thinks he 's speaking English as an English personn...)

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