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Hello friends.  I am new in this forum. I would like to seek your advise. I had been offered to work as a Supervisor in one of the resorts in Maldives.  I am from Philippines.  The offer salary is $600. Free accomodation shared in by 3 persons. What do you think about the salary, do you think it's ok? Can ypu please advise me, what are the things I need to process in the Philippines to go in Maldives and work there, you know what I mean to work legally. How is the working condition in the resort in Maldives. Please enlighten me. Any advise will be so helpful and well appreciated. THANKS A LOT!!!

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Maybe you could tell us a little more about your job? In which section will you be working? what is the star category?

You could check this previous post you might be enlighten.

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hi sofithea,

$600.00 is a good salary as a supervisor. yo ualso need to know what is their average service charge, as some resorts have a fixed service charge from 200$ to 300$, while good resorts give out actuall service charge collected from the guests. for example, Huvafenfushi, W, Universal Resorts etc give a good service charge aproximatley 500$ and above, this could be more than 700USD per month during peak season.. so its better to select a reputable resort.

on the other hand its already difficult to get jobs in maldives, hence i suggest that you take the job and get experience at that resort and if yur not happy you can always complete your contract and look for better alternatives... its always easy to find other places once you have experience and if your already in maldives.

you can check our other forums on this blog, i have seen wipnoy or someone has explained in detail of the legalities to process the paper work in philipines before you can come to maldives... check out other posts and you will get a-z all the info.

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guys what about scale salary for reservation manager in maldives resort???

thx for help

depending on the property/hotel/brand, you can ask for anything from 800USD to 2000USD. which is the highest and the lowest i know for the same position.

do remember, in maldives you get free accommodation +food+ internet+utilities... hence whatever you earn is for you to save if you want to :)

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Welcome to EB-Maldives!. you can check my previous post regarding legalities in working here from the Philippines. If you need more info, just let me know.

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Dear ,
My name is Mohamed. I used to worked in Four seasons Maldives as a Resort Assistant Manager for 4 yrs.
Later i was in Viceroy Maldives pre-opening. Anyway now living in South Korea.
I would say, go ahead and take the opportunity to work in Maldives. The salary is fantastic. But still check the average service charge. Its totally different than working in a city, cox most of the time resort will take care of everything. Like Food, Accommodation, medicals, and also you would be able to enjoy some of the resort excursion too.
Dear please take the offer and build some experience work in Maldives.

Hi Mohamed,

Thank you for the sharing of information.

However, you posted on an old thread.

I suggest you to start a new thread and share any experience or information with the members.

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Guys... Junior sous chef Asean how much salary???

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