Possibly moving to Debrecen - have a couple questions

Hi all

I have received a job offer from a company located in Debrecen.

One of my concerns relates to that it would not just be me moving in but also my wife and our 11-year old daughter. Our daughter speaks English and (some) French but no Hungarian. So one question I wanted to ask is if the school system provides additional support for children in this kind of a situation?

Besides this my wife is African-American (I am from Finland) and although we have lived in a few different countries because of my job, I am sure she would like to know if there are (m)any Africans (or African-Americans) living in Debrecen or in Hungary in general?

Thirdly I was also wondering about crime in Hungary and whether we should e.g. be concerned about what part of the city we live in.

Any information about these issues would be appreciated.


I have no experience of Debrecen.  I live near Lake Balaton.  There are not many people of African descent in Hungary- as always in larger cities- such as Budapest the numbers are greater. 
We have much younger children (aged 4 and 6)- they go to a local kindergarten.  They had no Hungarian when we moved here but now speak it really well.  The kindergarten is providing a speech therapist to help my daughter prepare for school.  I found a website providing details of what is on offer in Debrecen-
There does seem to be a bilingual school.

Good luck


Hi, this is a tough question. Personally I don't think that there are many African-American in Debrecen, but I haven't been there a while. But there are not many African-American in the capital, either.
Probably you have noticed that it has a big university, which is quite famous in Hungary. I guess that in the uni they can give better answers than us, as they live there. Here is the website of the English department of the uni:, and this is the website of the library, which belongs to the uni: I hope that they can help you!
Otherwise it is not a bad city at all, it has improved a lot in the recent years.

Thank you for the info and the links, stromnessdundee and Szano79


My husband and I may be moving to debrecen. I am in a similar situation as yourself. My partner is Irish and I am African.  Can I ask how integration was for you and your family in debrecen. This is my only apprehension about moving. Look forward to hearing from you.

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