How long is my Brazil visa valid for?

You have to use your visa by a certain date. It varies from country to country. I don't trhink you will have any problems with the exact date that you travel. You might want to contact the embassy to find out.

I have a VISA to go to Brazil for multiple entries issued in Nov 2012 in Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately, i could not travel then. I wonder if my visa is still valid?

I read most of the postings  and it is not clear. 


What is your passport ? If you are American citizen your visa is valid for ten years as I know

Thanks for your prompt reply.
The visa was issued in Buenos Aires but as  US Citizen.

The issue is that we never went to Brazil in 2012 as planned and I wonder if that invalidates the visa and if it does not, how do I verify that os valid for 10 years?


You are usa citizen normally visa is valid for 10 years if I see the visa I can tell exactly but if you have doubt call the brazil embassy they will tell you how many years it is valid

You may contact Brazilian Embassy in your country to reverify your status of visa.

When I applied for my tourist visa I had to use within 90 days. You should check with the Brazilian consulate where you received it.

Is a separate application process required for subsequent visits? In other words, the VITUR is valid for 10 years. I use the visa as planned for my initial visit. Then, two years from now I want to visit Brazil again. Must I submit another application to get that specific visit approved? Or can I travel at will within the 10-year period (provided I don't exceed the 90 day limit + 90 day extension)?

Thanks for all the help!

Your visa is good for 10 years . You can travel at will.


HI, generally they mention at bottom of visa like valid for a year from issuance date.

It will say on the visa how long it is good for...Mine clear states is is Five years. But as you point out the issuing consulate can make them good for up to 10 years or any other duration. It should say on the visa itself, I know mine does

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