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Hi All,
I just arrived to Bahrain this week, my UAE driving license is expired on the day i arrived, what will be the procedure for me to obtain a Bahrain Driving License. Is this few days expired driving license has any value to convert it to Bahrain License, or i have to go through complete process from scratch?


Try visiting traffic directorate in Isa town immediately, try to explain it to them, if they agree your lucky or else you may have to go through the process from the scratch

Location to the traffic directorate … sQ_BIIczAK



I m sure they will not hesitate to accept it if recently got expired 😦😦 .
Please visit Driving school's License section and ask them , if you are willing to stay here for longer period of time . Then you should convert it to Bahraini one .

Dear Khush Singh, you seems to have more experience then any one else here kindly let me know about my problem, I arrived Bahrain on 26th of Dec and same day my UAE driving license expired, now it is obvious that i need some time to get CPR, what should I do to get the Bahraini Driving License.

I am staying on Exhibition road, and there is one directorate in front of my place as well. can i go there...?

:D yeah im the best
I'm trying to make things easy for you
1) If you are in the kingdom you are already holding CPR number go and check your Onarrival Visa Page ( NOC) or passport .
2) once you're in the kingdom your employer can book for you CPR appointment 1bhd only . Call him

3) visit the link for appointment … ndex.faces
Available from 4th of January.
4) just visit the Driving school and show them your expires license and passport , they will not ask about the CPR .
5) enter the license section and go for counter number 15 . Dont waste your time on reception..
6) don't waste your time go tomorrow
😂😂😝gud luck ,

Dont waste your time on exhibition road or here and there ,
Just visit Driving School After crossing Salmabad ... Take the taxi And reach there at 7:30am  (7am-2pm ) (2-5 heavy)
Happy holidays


Welcome to Bahrain

Depending on where the expired license is from there may be value in the minimum time of retraining required. If it is from the GCC for example, you will only be asked to take 6 hours of training which you can manage in three days.


Dear Khush Singh,

I have Bangladeshi international driving license, can I get bahrain driving license without test?

hasansay :

Dear Khush Singh,

I have Bangladeshi international driving licence , can I get bahrain driving licece without test?

:) sorry to say Bandu , They are not accepting Bangla or Indian driving licence ! Even its mentioning "International " on it .
:mad:  simply visit the school in isa town get your KACHAA licence  ,offer is going on for early test dates by Driving school authorities 🏃🏿🏃🏿

How much does it cost over all to learn driving in Bahrain n do u have to pay all at once

Ishika1283 :

How much does it cost over all to learn driving in Bahrain n do u have to pay all at once

1) 34.500bhd for learning licence
2) 5 bhd  for every one  hour training
total 22hours x 5bhd
3) 10bhd for test date
20bhd for real licence if pass  😉
no need to pay all at once , just in steps ☠️

very helpful information on this thread but just wanted to check one thing. For a UK citizen to go and get a Bahrain license, is the office open on a Saturday? We heard it was but Google Maps says it's not.

Original passport is mandatory to collect licence form,, Plz advice

Ahmed Rana :

Original passport is mandatory to collect licence form,, Plz advice

NOT for Light vehicle (car )licence.......
But they may ask you for heavy vehicle's licence

Thank you for your suggestion, I have a schedule for lecture class on mid -Octomer. Now please be advise the next procedure! We have to look for a instructor on same day.. ?? and how I have to do it, kindly inform on details... thanks again

ranaahmed :

Thank you for your suggestion, I have a schedule for lecture class on mid -Octomer. Now please be advise the next procedure! We have to look for a instructor on same day.. ?? and how I have to do it, kindly inform on details... thanks again

:blink: Don't worry at the time of lecture you will get all the information about next procedure , you may ask them any question on the same time .
:) as requested its not compulsory to look for the instructor on same day , you can go for training after 1year or 2  year until you pay for learning licence renewal 10bhd yearly.  :D

Check your inbox for instructor's cell number(sent)  :|

Thank you Dear for your suggestions, I received instructor number as well.

One more question: Once I completed 22 hours training period, usually after how many days they are providing the exam date. (Approximately)


well it depends, i have heard that the waiting period now has reached 6-8months.


Thanks  a lot for your  Guidance ...

I need my bahrain license's enquiry .. so please is there anybody who can tell me .. how I can get it

Yes what is your question please.

I need my bahrain license's enquiry . But I'm in canada now please tell me how I can get it.

Here you see General Directorate of Traffic Bahrain Official website
But for now its under construction.
And here is the services online Traffic Services link

For general in Bahrain It's right hand drive. And as i know in Canada also right hand drive so its easy for you to visit Traffic and Licensing Directorate office and get bahrain driving license.

yes dear

I have already contacted with them but the department general directorate of traffic is under construction so that's why they are not responding any call or any email . I'm asking is there any other way to contact with them ? Please tell me if it has

I dont think so there is any other way, We could help you if you could post your query here.

Is this still available? In the sense, Im here in Bahrain for 3 months on visiting visa. Can I still learn and get a driving license?

Hi anyone knows if i can change my driving lecture ? :/

Yes you can, find a new instructor first then head to the driving school with your driving book, ask for instructor change in the counter they will ask you to visit some room and an inspector will sign and acknowledge.


anyone knows good teacher or instructor ?can someone refer me

What about glass users  for taking bahrain driving license? I mean eye test

if any one pass in inside and failed outside. what will be the process. pls suggest.

You need to take additional classes as instructed by the inspector and apply again.

Hello, can we have the driving test on an automatic car (I.e. Apply for an automatic gear driving license)?


Hello Everyone !!!

I passed my test today, so thought I'd share my experience.

*Visit the traffic directorate office at A'Ali along with your CPR and one passport photograph. Once you enter the building on the left side there is a desk. They would give you the form to fill up and attach the photo for getting learners license.
*Fill the form and they will give you a token for eye test. Eye test room is on the right end of the hall. Once you enter the room handover the paper. The person would ask you to sit down and read the alpha/numerical chart with one eye covered.
*Once the test is done collect the paper and go back to help desk. They will give the token for payment.

*Once the token is called, handover the paper and they would issue a bill of 28.5 BHD. Make the payment either by card or there is machine to pay cash and get receipt. In case of cash, pay it in the machine and collect the receipt and hand it over to the person at the counter. He would get the learners license card printed and also handover the guide and booklet for theory and practical sessions. You may also discuss with the guy for suitable date and time for theory session.
*Collect all receipts, application form and booklet and next task is to attend the theory classes.

* For theory classes you need to visit the office besides the main office. Just ask any office in which class theory session is for your allocated time. They would help out.
* The classes are for 1.5 hrs, and another 30 mins at the start for collecting all your booklets and signing them.

* Once the theory classes are complete collect the booklet which would be signed and sealed by them. Next task is to find your driving instructor and complete 22 hrs of practical sessions. (I selected Mr Hassan, his permit number is 840, sorry cannot share his phone number as per the forum rules).

* Once your close to completion of your 22 hour session, please visit > Driving School Services > Book Driving test appointment > Enter your CPR number, driver permit number and select license category. Select the date and time as per your requirement. Pay an amount of 16 BHD online to get the appointment. Take the print out of appointment slip.

* On the day of test reach the venue 30 mins before scheduled time. Make sure your have the booklet, initial application copy, appointment copy. Mine was at 4 PM and I reached at 3:25 pm and waited. They called my name at 3:30 PM. Handover the boklet and documents to the office area. He would take you to the parking area, unlock the vehicle, start it and then next is your turn. So adjust your mirrors, put seat belt and ready to go.

* First part of the test is held inside the driving school, if everything is done well, he will take you outside (mostly through the back gate), and then 2nd part of test outside the driving school. If done well, next is back inside the school for reverse parking.

*Once all three is done, he will ask you to take the vehicle back to parking area, he would  park the vehicle. If everything is okay, he will ask you to wait at office room one. Wait at the room and the officer would handover your application form and booklet at the office. They will make the necessary entries in their system and ask you to visit counter 8. Handover your papers, and he would ask you to pay 20BHD either by card or you have to pay cash in the machine and get receipt. He would print the license and give it to you.

Oops sorry for the looong post !!

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