Has anyone gone through the simplified naturalization precedure?

Actually to clarify I was marked B1 level at submission.  It's either B1 or immediate rejection.
I maintained my lever.  I think I've learned a million times more than back then.
Therefore instant rejection or B1.

Congrats Blonder!
Have you decided on your tat or not?

Persze, a magyar címer!  I will wait until August and put my life "blood" descent in a small tattoo  - I am still conservative  :)  magyar címer, német zászló, kis kanadai juharlevél and the rising sun!  Hugs to you lovely Marilyn!

Just be sure to take a photo of your new tat and let us see it!!

Thank you very much forum.  I wish you all the best.
I received my identity card today and my eskü was magical. 
The staff were very kind.  Hungarians have big hearts.  Show your kindness and respect and love for Hungary and the people and I promise you that you will feel the same magic.
Study study study.  No secret around it.  STUDY!  Speak a lot and I went blank a few times during the oath but the kindness of the Embassy staff - repeated the one word and I was on my way. 
I am very proud to be a Hungarian citizen.  A long road but well worth taking.
Thank you forum and wishing you all the best.

WOW!!!! AMAZING!!! So very happy and glad for you!!
You deserve it more then people who were born in Hungary and never had to go through all the hassles and worry!!!
My Hungarian born husband also sends his grats to you!

Side note: I just got my 10 year permanent resident card, hassle free with a message "finally" that they didn't even have to take my case before the board, I was a shoe in!!

Had my bubbly a couple days back, time for yours!!!

Congrats to you lovely Marilyn and may it be a peaceful and wonderful 10 years!
Yes, I had my bubbly at the embassy.  The staff were super kind.
It was a really beautiful ceremony and something that is one of the most special days in my life.
Glad we are both on the kind road in life now.
Hugs and be well!

Honestly I am very glad to hear the good news!!
Hungarians can be extra kind if we take the time to understand their ways.
I think your ancestors are having a celebration too!

You have my congratulations!

And my envy.

But did they expect you to memorize the oath beforehand? Or was it repeat-after-me style?

Hey Zif.  Thank you and I'm very happy.  A dream come true.
Yes.  You must memorize the eskü. 
I went blank just twice but the kind justice said the next word and I was on my way again and all was fine.  It happens.  Everyone goes blank when nervous. 
I did sing the anthem as I'm a proud Hungarian. 
Study.  Study. Study.  Good luck! 
Also, I received my ID card the same day. Wallet size and barcoded.  Lamininated.
It was one of the happiest days of my life but I wish could have that moment in time again. 
My heart to Hungary!

So cool!!
I "get it" the feeling of belonging to a place and culture.
As an American of mixed background, I was often envious of people who knew exactly what their roots were.
In the big skeem, we are all one, I believe but those little side steps of belonging to a certain group of people with shared experiences of history in old times and places is special.
I feel for people who do not know their background, maybe it is liberating and maybe they never feel at home anywhere, don't honestly know.
I found out exactly the village my father was born in just 3 summers ago.
We drove from Hungary to SE Poland and I got to see his village where he and my grandmother were born. still only 150 people in the village.
I felt so much love for everyone I saw around Poland, so corny but I felt we had the same roots, in any case, in those small villages there is a good chance we were related within a generation or two at least.
You actually took the time and energy to learn Hungarian and that alone is amazing.
When we visited the tiny Rusin museum and I saw a list of several of my relations  with my maiden name listed as people who ran the axle grease trade in the 1850's I knew I had come home.
Their trade route was posted and many used to travel by wagon to Budapest to sell their high quality axle grease for carriages. No wonder I noticed more then a few Hungarian surnames in our family tree.
The small wooden churches everywhere felt special too, I am non religious but just knowing my relations built these with their own hands was something I will never forget.

You deserve to be proud of what you have done, most people just talk the talk but few walk the walk.

Anyone get their ancestors' records from Romania? I think my antecedents might've been born in Transylvania, not sure (there are about a half dozen towns in Greater Hungary that have very similar spelling to the town listed on their naturalization papers, annoyingly). I guess I'll email the Romanian county archives (I think they keep old synagogue birth records there? It's unclear to me) and see if they can help, and shell out for a genealogical service if that fails.

Oh, and belated congrats, blonder!

yegg :

Anyone get their ancestors' records from Romania? ... and shell out for a genealogical service if that fails....

You might be able to get some online records from Church of the Latter Day Saints aka Mormons.  They have put a lot of records online and they are free to access.  Google it.

Unfortunately there is very little in the way of Romanian records online (they never let LDS make copies). I would need it certified and apostilled regardless, I believe.

yegg :

Unfortunately there is very little in the way of Romanian records online (they never let LDS make copies). I would need it certified and apostilled regardless, I believe.

Really? I bow to greater knowledge.

I would have thought there was not much they could do to stop it - public records and all that.

But the Romanian state has always been just that bit more bureaucratic that other places I've worked.  Obscurely so  even.

Hi all,

I'm an Australian looking to apply for Hungarian citizenship via ancestry. My Grandfather was born in Hungary and moved to Australia after the war. I have all of his documents, (birth certificate, military ID, passport, etc), but I don't have access to his marriage certificate. I contacted the consulate in Canberra and they're telling me I need the marriage certificate, but I'm reading accounts from people saying they were able to get citizenship just by showing the ancestral lineage with birth certificates.

Does anyone know whether they actually need the grandparent's marriage certificate?

Are you sure you received your ID card?

I received an address card (green and red) at the oath ceremony, not the identity card.

Or did you receive both?

Address card.  You are correct.

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