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Hi! My partner and I are planning on relocating to Andalusia from Australia next year.

I think that we will rent a place first and then look at buying somewhere, but after hearing a few horror stories about property purchases in Spain, I want to try to be sure I am in good hands.

Can anyone recommend a solicitor / lawyer / law firm who can assist us with our property purchase? 


We purchased a property last year and are happy to recommend the lawyer we used:

(Could you please communicate by PM?;) )

He handled matters well for us, especially as the purchase was transacted whilst we were travelling in other countries.

Thank you very much Sonjat! I really appreciate it! I will make contact with him asap.


Do you mind sharing the solicitor's details.


Try our solicitor Manzanares solicitor in Marbella Spain.
They are good, they are our solicitor when we bought our townhouse in Andalusia last 2003.
Best of luck,

Read your post.the law firm recommend by you
Do they translate all documents into English. Worried
As I am hearing not good stories about people getting rip off

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Hi we purchased a town house in Andalusia at Córdoba we have had no problem through our Manzanares solicitors Marbella, I highly recommend.

My advice:

Most important thing to judge when buying property in Spain is that the real estate agent is professional.

Unfortunately most agents do not speak English, do not provide translated copies of the contracts/documents, do not show up on time, ...

Going through an English-speaking lawyer is best, but for the property itself, better find an English-speaking agent.

I would suspect the majority, maybe be even all, the people who have bought properties and later discovered they had serious problems,  had a lawyer whom they believed was ‘good’

Unfortunately one will believe their lawyer was competent if they did not discover that anything went wrong     Of course that is a poor reason to recommend

I did my research In 1983 when I came to spain and bought my first property and since then have sold and bought and assisted my son to do so.    I chose not to take a risk and use a lawyer.   May be I have been lucky but I have never had a problem.

Sorry that may be of not much help Bernie

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