Solar panels

Can anybody give me some advice on solar panels for a house I am looking into buying.
It is in the andalucia area.
It is a four bedroom detached house
How many panels do I need
The cost of installation roughly
Is it worth the money.
At the moment it is run by a generator
How hard is to get the local electric company to conect to the main grid
Any advice grateful received

if you connect to the mains and use solar panels you will face huge obstacles. … obierno-te

You will need professional advise on the size of the panels.
Getting connected to mains power could also be problematic.
You have to get a quote from the local power suppliers for the cost of installing line and meter.
The household wiring must be fit to meet the latest regulations and only an registered electrician can sign that work of. The latest regulations are covered inReglamento Electrotécnico para Baja Tensión

many  thanks on the helpful advise
more questions I need to ask the seller?

I would suggest you do some research yourself. It would be very easy for the seller to say That will be no problem or similar to questions you may have.

good advise

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