Mollina can anybody give me information

We are moving to Mollina initially to rent then look to buy any info regarding the area would be very welcome?

I just checked on a map.  It appears to be a long way from any significant areas of non-Spanish  populations, and thus, I would think you will need to be fluent in Spanish, as badly spoken by natives in Andalucía.

  I have been present on a few occasions when Spaniards  have had considerable difficulty communicating with natives from the Andalucía hinterland.

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Im interested to find out if you bought in Mollina.

I looked here before buying a property in Humiladero the closest town to Mollina. Unfortunatley I was priced out for what we wanted. But we do love Mollina.

Mollina is home to loads of brits i regularly see British people in the local dia and around town. Your right there is no centre of the town is very spread out but theres not alot that cannot be found there. There is a good school aswell so I hear from a friend whos child goes there. If you are still interested in buying in Mollina its also home to the best Estate agent we could find i can put you intouch.

Spanish helps anywhere inland but if there is somewhere you can get by on very minimum Spanish its here. The locals are used to seeing brits and English is the 2nd language taught in the school so most of the younger generation speak very good English.

My husband speaks virtually no spanish and has never had an issue. I can only speak basic spanish but your efforts are always appreciated and Just get a translator app on your phone for emergencies.

Thinking of relocating to Mollina, had a caravan at Park Vina 2 years ago for holidays, kept it 12 months and then sold it 12 months ago - went there 5 times within the year for holidays and sample the area. We have a 8 year old daughter and think it might be the right age for her to integrate into a spanish school. Many on Park Vina was saying with the site fees renting in the area was just as cost effective would that be correct in your opinion ? I still email people on park vina and they say the trend at the moment is people moving off and renting in Fuente di piedra as its great value again dunno if you add any information to that. You mentioned on your post a good school in the village so you have any web site or futher information on the school plus ou mentioned a good estate agents again have you got a web site for them.

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Yes we did buy here in Mollina and we love it the people are so friendly I highly recommend the town to live in and the roads are fantastic to drive on too.

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