Serviced apartments for rent in Yangon

We are moving to Yangon in May.  Does anyone know where we can get not so expensive but clean serviced apartments for rent in town.  We checked every place and most of them are full or are very expensive.  Thanks for your help!


Hi Esther,

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How long do you plan to stay?


Thanks Julie! At the moment, we are planning to stay at least two years.


Hi Esther,

Renting the flat for in Yangon is fairly straight forward. The price of the flat is totally depends on the location, of course.

For example, You can rent the flat in San Chaung Area, which is not in downtown but not far from town center ( about 10-15 mins drive depends on traffic). Cost is about 250$ for 2 bedrooms flat.

Personally, I don't want to live in down town as it is rally over crowded and too noisy (especially the noise of the generator at night time).

Have you got any location in your mind? Also need to consider the place not too far from your work.

Please let me know If you need any more info.



Hi Phyo,

Thank you so much for your response. We will be in Yangon next week but will stay in a hotel for a month while we look for suitable accommodation. It's better to see what they like in person. We would prefer not too far from our office, which is on U Wisara Road not far from Shwe Dagon pagoda.
Anyhow, thanks for your help.


Hi Esther,

It will be a good idea to stay in some hotel for a few days, look for the serviced apartments, negotiate & then move into the chosen one!

I live in Grand Me Ya Hta, which is though in downtown, considered to be one of the best for families. Ample space, nice amenities and well furnished! Rates have gone up everywhere in Yangon since last 2-3 months and availability is also uncertain. Marina and Sakura Residency are another good choices.

Do contact me 0n 09-4311 7741 or write to me should you require any assistance.


Is it possible to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in the Grand Me Ya Hta for just 8 nights in April 2013?

Still looking for a place in Yangon?

With all the booms and business opportunities, I moved to Yangon a couple of weeks ago. I am now living at a relative's place. Looking for a serviced apartment to bring my family that included highspeed internet, utilities, cleaning service, security, and mail service. 

I have yet to find serviced apartment as such. Could anyone of you share some tips? My budget is 2000 USD.

Hi, I'm moving to Yangon in April and am also interested to rent a serviced apartment.  However, I understand that these are hard to come by and also very expensive. 

If anyone knows of an available one, please do give me a shout out.

Mukesh,  I am interested in Grand Mee Ya Tha.  Can I ask if the apartments there have their own washing machine and dryer?

Much appreciated!

Hello Mopeey,
Can I ask you what your budget is? I have a very spacious and building beautiful apartment in colonial building just one mile from Grand Mee Yates Tar in my listing. My email is winpaibg82[at]

Hi Winston,

I am looking for a serviced apartment.  Either a one or two bedroom.


Hi Mopeey,
Thanks for your response.  The one in my listing isn't service apartment. Still 2br. Please pass the info, if friend and family of yours need it. Have a wonderful time in Myanmar and all the best.

Hi Winston... I am interested in a 2 bedroom furnished apartment ... let me know ..



Hi Shane,
When I get the 2br furnished apartment or condo, I'll let you know. How far are you willing to commute to work? Please revert.

i currently stay at Park Royal and commute to the airport daily .. so anything with similar distance if acceptable ... i will get a vehicle organised once i find an apartment...



Hello Shane,
Duly noted and thanks for the info. I will contact you asa something comes up.


hi.i "m looking for apartments .April 10 to MAY 1 i have to go visit to yangon.

Hello alinncho -> You should post an advert in the Housing in Myanmar section. It could help. ;)

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Hello everybody,

I'm moving from Jakarta to Yangon in one or two weeks and since everything went so fast with my decision to move to MM I still need to find some pricy accomodation for the next 1-3 Months till I'll settle down there.

any help/reccommendation much appreciated & have a nice weekend :)


Urim B.

@Urim B

Hello -> You should post an advert in the Housing in Myanmar section. It could help. ;)

Thank you

Hi everyone,

Does any of you know anyone who would like to rent a two bedroom apartment? We are renting at one right now but the owner wants to sell this one.  We are back to square one :(
Our budget is $2000. Please contact me if you have one that is neat and tidy in that price range.  Thank you!



We (my wife and infant daughter) are looking for a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment for 28 nights while we visit my wife's family in Yangon from 11 December, 2013.  We are Australians (37 and 49 years). Our daughter will be 1.3 years in December.

Our budget is $3000 - $4000 USD.

Kay Zu Tin Bar Tae,

Gavin, Catherine and Amélie

I am looking to rent a one-room furnished apartment in Yangon for the next 6 months. Any leads? Please let me know.

Hello PeterSandf,

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Concerning your search, you can post an advert in Housing in Myanmar. Hope that helps.


Hi there,
My name is Tony from Bangkok, Thailand.
I am planning to move to Yangon during the next few months, and I am looking around for a decent 2BR/2Bath house and/or serviced apartment located with the good/clean/safe areas in yangon city.  Need recommendation.

Thank you.

I have been in Yangon for a couple of weeks and im looking for a small basic apartment to rent as close to tne center as i can afford.  Or happy to share.

So if there is anybody out there who can assist tjhat would be great.

Hi Mary Jane Denton,

Please feel free to post an advert in the Flats for rent in Myanmar section, this might help.

Thank you,


I have recently arrived in Yangon and keen to stay if I can find myself  some work teaching English and an apartment. Either to share or on my own.  Just something small and basic will do.
Please email maryjane.Denton[at]

Mary jane

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I got in middle of downtown yangon Pabedan township by general aung san market. It's furnished 1500sqft 2/2 with extra maid room.include security system, home phone and dsl internet. Of course renter have to pay utility bill. Need two month security deposit. I own it so there's isn't agent fees. Rent only $1200 amonth.
Please reply at yethuratun[at]aoldotcom

Im Jenny Tran, I am from Vietnam, I working for Singapore Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Currently My company have one project at MIngadalon Industrial Park, Yagoon, Myanmar. So now im searching for furnished Room for one expat (Fillipino) who will work in Myanmar around 7 months with budget around USD 500/month  to USD 600/month. If anyone have any info. about the Rental ,please kindly let me know or send email to me thru  jennytran[at] Thanks so much

Hi Jenny Tran,

You should also post an advert in the housing in Myanmar section. It can help you.

Thank you,

Hi Mukesh, I will be in Yangon next week and might need assistance with furnished apartment with swimming pool and gym. My budget is US$ 1500 - US $ 2000 per month.

Neelesh - bhatian[at]

Can you forward the details to my e-mail id deshimike[at]

Will be arriving in Yangon on 05 Jan 2014, looking for a simple apartment with a rate of $700, hope for any from you

have same problem and also Im a Filipino

What's the location are u looking for? My email is Winston[at]

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