Job Offer in Yangon: Concerns About Accommodation

I have been offered a position in Yangon with a housing allowance of 500USD. I can't seem to find much online for that rent. It seems only the very basic apartments (no air conditioning, no elevator, no hot water) are available. Funnily enough, I am more concerned about living with noisy neighbours and barking dogs. Sharing is not an option. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Sorry to say so but $500 won't get you much. Real estate in Yangon is not much cheaper than that in New York. I rented out two two bd apartments at $4500 each this year.

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You would need to be willing to supplement the rental costs out of your own pocket to get anything reasonable for an expat rental without sharing with others.
$500 might get you a basic local flat - you would need to do some extensive groundwork though.

Consider asking for a bigger allowance from your employer.

Will help you I am expat myself,  can't avoid noisy neighborhood, dog, flood
And so on

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Hi Tpm,
If you are looking someone to share, maybe we can rent a share flat in Yangon together.
As 500USD really not much choice.

Hi TPM and CH,

I just got a job offer and will be moving there in late Sep. I also have a limited budget for an accomodation too. If you are interested, we can find a decent place and share it together. Let me know.


I am also moving to Yangon the beginning of September.  My company will provide housing for me, maybe I can help..

Hi Hanna,
Sorry for late reply, as I'm not always check
Yes, may i know when will you arrive Yangon? We can hunt for 1 2-3 bedroom aprt together.
Please let me know if you still interest.

Just wanted to post an update. Found a decent fully furnished one bed apartment around Yaw Min  Gyi for 650 USD. I have hot water, air conditioing and am on the 2nd floor. They are out there. You just need a bit of luck.

Hi. I'm coming to Yangon on November 21, working near Thawanna stadium. I would welcome any suggestions I can get about accommodations.

BTW - great to hear that the elections seemed to go well.

Hello everyone,

@ Johndrader, you can also browse through the Housing in Myanmar section of the website, have a look at the adverts or even drop your own 'looking for" advert.

Best of luck,

Thanks Bhavna. I will be looking through the housing ads and using Google Earth to check proximity of housing to my workplace. It's difficult to do before I arrive because I don't know what the neighbourhoods are like.

Hi, If anyone (foreigner) is interested to work as a part time or full time of teaching job, please contact on below number.

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Hi Arshad
I am interested. I am expat from UK and been in Myanmar for three years as PM


Stan Ba-Oh

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Hi Stan,

Thanks for your response. Please send your CV at xxx

What sand for PM? Please clarify. Thanks


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$500? Are you serious?

Hi TPM112,
Ask your employer to provide you service apartment or the like.
How long you will be in Myanmer?

Good morning!
Hi all,
I am new to expat. I used to fly to Yangon in 2002 and 2003.
I spent about two weeks an each trip.
But about 10 ears I have not been to Myanmar.
Any good jobs available.
I am Mechanical & Electrical Manager  with a couple of years experience


Can I ask what course related?  I was planning to teach about garment merchandising.

Hi,I am an experienced English Language trainer currently seeking employment in Yangon. I hold a TEFL and I am a native speeker with a nautral accent.If you know of any suitable positions please contact me .Paul Mitchell      ***


I am considering moving to Myanmar for a new job.

I wonder if is it easy to find a nice house with garden? It seems most people and adds talk about apartments or 'condos'.

If there are houses available, what is the price range for a house with 1 or 2 bedrooms  (or 3 if most houses are big, like here in central africa) and a nice garden (which is the most important part for us)?

Furnished or unfurnished?
In central areas or less central areas?

Thank you so much, for even a quick response.

Hello, I have one basic house in myanmar plaza, somebody want to share the appartamen with me for 400 $ until february

Hi Tpm,

I'm moving to Yangon to start a job in August. It's really tricky finding one bedroom flats! Do you mind if I ask you how you found yours? The rents are astronomical !

Thanks ever so much.

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HI Liz,

it depends on the area that you need. within city area its ranging from USD.600 to 1500.
however, in some areas you can get even for 400.

if you are interested I can pass a contact of an agent.


Hi, I'm moving to Yangon mid of June for 12 months and I'm looking for a 1/2 bed FF apartment near the Dagon area (flexible) - anyone who's thinking about sharing I'm open to the idea, non-smoker, please. I'm usually out or at the gym and enjoy water sports. Patrick

Hi PatrickM1966,

Welcome on board  :)

i suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Myanmar section of the website so that you may get some offers.

All the best,

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