Getting married in the Seychelles

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We invite all the ones who got married in the Seychelles or who are about to get married in the Seychelles to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in the Seychelles? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Seychelles)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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it is not that difficult.

A foreign couple has to provide these documents:

•    Birth certificate or certified copy thereof
•    If either party is divorced, the decree of divorce must be produced
•    If either of the parties is a widow or widower the death certificate of the former
spouse must be produced
•    Legal proof in the case of a name having been changed
•    Copies of the first 2 pages of both parties’ valid passports
•    Document to show that there is no impediment or lawful hindrance to the intended marriage (If this cannot be obtained, an affidavit has to be signed in Seychelles after a solemn declaration has been made to that effect)

For a mixed couple the foreigner has to provide a medical fitness test (Testing for HIV, Tuberculosis, physical fitness).

After registration of the marriage at the civil status office, the considered marriage will be published 2 times in the newspaper to see, if there are any objections.

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Good post P3ter. 

Just want to add that the registration at the Civil Status Office in Victoria must be done at least 11 days before the wedding.

Also, both parties need to be present in Seychelles for 2 days before the wedding.


That's right, John. But I used the service of a wedding organiser in the Seychelles for all the formalities and a nice beach wedding setup. I went with , regards Peter

I am planning to have just civil wedding during my vacation. My fiancé and me are of 2 different nationalities and residing in Abu dhabi, Is the marriage certificate is recognized in UAE ?

I would appreciate if someone can advice me on the civil wedding procedures and requirement in Seychelles.


Yes, the Seychelles' marriage certificate will be recognized in the UAE.
If you need more advice and help, you can contact this company:
They are specialized on doing civil wedding for UAE residents with mixed nationalities etc.

Tq for the reply

we did one recently at our resort on one of the islands near mahe with all the legal formalities and all.

I see people in Seychelles doesn't get married.  They have children but they are not reluctant to get married.


My fiancé and I are going to Seychelles next year and want to get married on the beach there.

We unfortunately cannot afford the packages the hotels are offering at £850!, and we just want something low key. We’ll be on Praslin when we want to do the nuptials.

Can anyone suggest someone on Praslin island that could marry us on the beach there?

Do we go to the registrar office in Victoria when we land on Mahe and then get a marriage license first and there after perform the ceremony on Praslin?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)

Hi P3ter

For a mixed couple the foreigner has to provide a medical fitness test (Testing for HIV, Tuberculosis, physical fitness).

which kind of medical fitness precisely apart from the Hiv test and tb ?

Hi guys!

Me (Russian) and my fiancé (English) want to get married in Seychelles and then I plan to move to the UK. Will I face any problems with recognition of our marriage in the UK as I’m going to apply for the spouse visa straight away?

Many thanks for your help!

Hi All,

Me (citizen of Lithuania living in Lithuania) and my fiancé (citizen of Turkey living in UAE) would like to get married in Seychelles.

We are woundering if wedding certificate will be aproved in UAE after all since im not resident of UAE (my fiancé is resident of UAE)

Do we need to translate our passports in English and send to Seychelles?

Where do we need to to medical test?

Thank you for your information,
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