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how many months to wait resident permit??

Missgräve hope you had a safe trip
After interview we cant really know how long its Will take some get interview after few months from the day they submited the applikation And waiting time is 13to 14month .i got My interview after 10months waiting .i assume that it's will take 4months in maximum for a decision so if you got your interview after like only 5months waiting its will take you 8 to 9 months for a decision .cause many people are receiving their decision in (12,5 ,13 ,14months )

Actually in few weeks i Will celebrate one year since i Applied

Hello Where in Sweden are you moving?Its been 8 months now since my application has been registered  March 14,2016 and got a reply to booked an appointment July 22,2016,i had been Interviewed September 21,2016.Until now i have not heard anything yet from the embassy I'm hoping soon.Anyone here submitted application March ?

Mine was submitted march 4 and my interview was Aug 29. We were married July 28. Still waiting!

its nice to know that we are they same month.Have you contacted the embassy about your application status?I think you will get faster approval as you are already married.Have you been to sweden or visited your husband?

I'm an American. We've known each other 19 years now. We got married in Sweden. He calls the agency every week and gets the same response. It is waiting for an administrator to grab it.

Hi pinay_g143 I am moving to Stockholm.
My application was submitted 16th December 2015 the mail for more informations and for scheduling an interview was sent 11th April 2016
I got interview 3rd October 2016

I will be waiting for 1year 16th of this month (December 2016)I  Am not calling migration agency at all but my hope is in maximum 2months I hear from them (February )otherwise I start calling .so if you apply in March you will probably hear from them in either (March April or May )2017

Me and my girlfriend met in Stockholm last summer (2015)  while she was here for a year. She actually overstayed her visa because we met and didn't want to separate.

We decided to apply for the 'moving to a person in Sweden' visa as 'sambos' around the 12th of December 2015.

It wasn't until the end of July 2016 that she went back to Mongolia. We got an appointment for the interview in September. Unfortunately she had to go to China for it.

Just after she got back to Mongolia, around a week after, she went to the doctor with a stomach pain. It turns out she was pregnant (: It's not ideal of course but we're very happy. I decided to fly over and meet her in China and then travel back to Mongolia with her and to meet her family.

She done the interview in Beijing and gave herself 8/10 for it lol She got my dad's name wrong in the interview. She couldn't remember if it was Martin or Matthew so she said Marthew haha That and getting my youngest brother's birthday wrong was as bad as the interview went. They know she is pregnant, they say it doesn't alter the decision. That's fine. We're not selfish enough to make a child purely for visa reasons.

So, it's 6 days short of being a year since we applied and we've still not got a case holder, though our application has been received and she has done her interview. We don't contact them often because it's the exact same answer every single time. I thought I was going to have to do an interview but it seems I am only going to have to fill out (another) questionnaire.

I'm not Swedish, I'm from Scotland so I am (for the time being) an EU citizen.

Did your Swedish or EU partners need to do an interview or questionnaire?

We hoped she would have gotten an answer in time for the baby coming in April. So I think she can only travel up until 1 month before the due date. But, it seems like were standing still. I know they have a lot of applications, especially with the refugees who of course need help. But, I just don't understand how it can possibly take over a year. We checked the UK as a back up plan, as we plan to move there anyway so we can raise our child around family, but only after a couple of years in Sweden. Anyways, the UK decision takes THREE MONTHS!! Sure, it's much more expensive, but still, three months!

It's all incredibly frustrating. It doesn't take long to read an application, do an interview, read a questionnaire and then make a decision! But of course, bureaucrats seem to take forever with everything.

I'm seeing my baby grow inside Mandal's belly from pictures and video :(

You should have received a questionnaire immediately after applying, at the same time she received hers.  You will not have to go for an interview or answer any further questions unless they need more information.  All that's left now is the waiting. Good luck!


Oh 12th December 2015 just 4days before me .happy news is that you are having a baby unfortunately they do not do priorities nowadays !i know a woman here who got decision just after  12th month 3weeks and the uT
Card just  2weeks  after decision .

So you are just almost there in January lately February   You get your decision

Problem will they allow her to travel 2months before giving birth !


I got a case officer !😊
But its can take 2weeks or 3months for decision (they told me at migration center )ok

Let wait and see



When MV gave you number ,name of case officer call to know that it's not a case officer but a team leader and to get a case officer is earliest end of February 😳


I'm so sorry!!!! Hopefully, it isn't really going to take that long! I'll pray fro you!

Hi everyone... Do I need to enter Sweden for a tourist visa first? Before I can apply residence permit?..or I can apply residence permit directly..
Please anyone can answer.

You must apply for residency from your home country. You need to submit a lot of documents and photographs. The application fee is 1000 Swedish kronor.  As of right now, processing times are 12 to 24 months. You cannot wait in Sweden while the decision is being processed. The person you are moving to will also have to answer a  questionnaire. You will have to do an interview at the embassy in your home country or the country nearest to you with an embassy.   Good luck!

Hi Chariesheen
You dont really have to visit Sweden . Its not a requirement . You could apply online and wait for decision . It takes 14 months or less if youre Lucky . Good luck !

Ohhhh ok thank u dear queenie..i thought its needed that way..thanks for the info

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