how many months to wait resident permit??

Yes it's tough i know how you feel,i will be waiting for 14months in few days.They say it takes 21months but alot of People i know they have receive decision between 13.5 to14.5months.If it take 20 to 21 months that means your case is complicanted it needs more investigation.I heard if a case is in goternburg it takes long. I believe You will get your decision one of this days.Hang in there Sevda

Thank you lily .my husband will have interview in 9 June .I hope they answer me after interview.

Yes that's what they tell People it takes 21 months.But don't believe them

God thanks. Emigration answer me . :)

Hi everyone I am a Filipino and I am now in Sweden one month ago. I married to Swedish and I've been waiting for exactly 17 months when I got my residence permit. And another waiting for 5weeks to get my card after my biometric in Thailand

Hello everyone,

I am here in sweden now, but soon I have to go back to the Philippines to apply for a residence visa.I would like to know how to apply for it?  is it only through
online application? We are not married yet but we are planning to live together here in Sweden.

Thanks in advance.

hello .. you can apply residence visa in sweden and you can stay while waiting.. even you only have tourist visa going here

and i ask yesterday if how long the processing it say 16months.

Thanks Joy.  I only have few days left since I only have 90 days for schengen visa, I arrived here on June 4th. I'm just wondering if I still need to go to Bankok thailand for biometrics?  When I applied for schengen visa I had my biometrics done in Makati Manila (VFS) already, do I still need to do it again for residence visa?

Hi! Biometrics for schengen visa and biometrics for the resident permitcard are different. I emailed consulate a week ago and I asked them if they will have biometrics here since Swedish Embassy will be re opening this August. Unfortunately they said I still need to go to Bangkok. Good thing there is a lot of Sale for plane ticket goinf there during this season so I am taking advantage of it and visit bangkok and also do the biometrics. But the consulate highly recommends to wait for a decision first before going to Thailand but then you can also do it if you applied online but it's on your own risk. But to heck I wanna see Bangkok so I already booked a flight hehe... :)

Thanks for the information  Miss Gävle.

One more question, I have a 4 years old daughter and I want to do her application for residence permit visa at the same time. I was reading some information that children that are under 6 years old does not need to have their finger prints taken, however they need her photograph. Do I need to bring my daughter to Bangkok to have her photograph taken their?

Thanks in advance,

Hi everyone! just have some few questions and share my story and situation.

I was an Au-Pair in Copenhagen, Denmark and been granted a temporary residnece visa for two years July2014 til july 2016. Along the way of being an Au-Pair I met my Swedish Boyfriend last 2015. He lives in malmö,Sverige an hour by train from copenhagen. 

We decide apply  for residence visa (sambo visa) thru online so we can live together and I can move with him after Denmark, We apply February 2016 and recieved a reply email from migration sverket July 2016 and said that can get schedule for interview. I was in sweden that time  and my visa is expiring in a couple of days I was hoping maybe I can wait my residence visa sine I am already there. so I went to migrationsverket malmö with my boyfriend hoping I can stay with him since I get a reply and do the interview. But unlucky they said I should be in my country of origin to do the interview and it is in the swedish law about immigrants. They just did my biometrics there. So I went back to philippines and got scheduled for interview this coming September 12 and hoping for faster decision for my visa. The only thing do now is to wait. In my online application it said waiting time.14-16 months.

The situation of asylum seekers is really worst by now and they are everywhere in the cities with no home and begging money on the streets.  When we went to migrtionsverket it was crowded by refugees and my boyfriend is the only white guy who is on the line.hehehe

Do I need to do biometrics again? if yes, Is it still be in Bangkok?
How many months usually the waiting time after interview?
Does your partner also will do the interview or only the one whos going to move sweden?
Does anyone here got denied? (hopefully no one)

I've been here for a month now and its the longest time that we are away from eachother. We are still keeping our hopes high and thinking its just a test in our relationship. Good thing he will visit me this winter as it is his first time in philippines. Its going to be great vacation for him away from cold winter days  😀

Hope Everyone here is fine and still have patience. 😃


I had to Wait 8 months before i got My permit. It does take time bit sometimes its worth the Wait. Jst hang in there. You are almost there.


Well to answer your questions , all i can say is that waiting period depends from case to case. You have been together for a year and they Will want some proof of relationship from both of you. Be it photos with u together, emails, telephone print out to show that you have been in contact. So i encourage you to keep in touch and keep those Love emails flowing.

I had to Wait jst 4 months for My permit but we had been together 3 yrs b4 we decided to move to Sweden.

As for the interviewing , both Will be interviewed but it might be that the person in Sweden has to do ot by telephone or on paper but you have to do it physically.

Yes, it might get denied due to lack of proof of relation but i havent heard anyone who has been denied.

Önskar er all lycka!!

Hi Pidcoluv!,

Tack så mycket! We've been together for a while and been in a lot of occasions and travels! Believing that i'll get approve. finger crossed for the fast handling and approval.

By th way, Did you apply online? 😃

I'm about to go insane.

We haven't been apart until now and it's killing us both. I had my interview on August 29th and I want to return to Sweden in October.

Nothing on the Migration website says he will also do an interview. They sent hi a questionnaire just after I submitted my application. Are you saying he will do an actual interview after my interview?

How long after your interview did you receive your residency?

Since we are not required to have a visa to visit from the USA, will I go back to Sweden to receive my residency card? That it what I read on the Agency website.

I was told I cannot be in Sweden while it is being processed but many here are saying they did remain.

I need some good advice and answers! We just got married in July and I'm anxious to get home!


I did not apply online!! I did everything in person in Cape town!

All the best for both of you!!

Yes, I understand you did it all in CapeTown. I am doing it all from the USA. I just want to know how long after your interview you received your approval.

Hi jimmy'sprincess this blog might help you. I read her blog and I got a lot of tips and info. You might also find this helpful coz she also did her application in u.s.a. She is also back in Sweden now with a reaident permit as per her blog. Have a great day :) … rocess?m=1

Well for me it took a month after the interview to get My reply. They Said it varies from case to case. Fo myself we had been together for 3 yrs and we had LOTs of proof so it didnt take time. The lady even Said at the interview that this wont take time.

All the best!!!

Thank you so much! That was very helpful indeed!

I see that recently, it has only been about 2 months post interview for the decision. I received my invitation for interview just 4 months after my application date. This gives me hope! We will be together again very soon!!!

yay!!! That's very good :)

As for me and my bf. Tomorrow is our 1st year of waiting since we applied for RP. We are hoping to get a decision soon too :)

Goodluck to us! :)

Im sorry to hear this but there is nothing to do but wait. Ur swedish husband need ofcourse to call migrationsverket every week to check and ask abt ur resident permit and to be a bit "annoying" to make them do it little more quickly. I heard u need to wait up to 18 monthts for coming to sweden these days. Im also waiting for my husband to come so i know its very very frustrating.
But if u want u can come and visit by visa meanwhile ur waiting...
Best regards Karin

Thank you! This makes me feel better still!

Hello everyone. I heard they are currently working on July-August 2015 application right now. Some of the people who applied last July 2015 already got a decision since the beggining of this month. :)

The frustrations, the long waiting and depression is finally over... I've been granted a visa. :)
Interview Mail: 2016-3-21
Interview: 2016-5-24
Place: Manila, Philippines
Decision: 2016-10-1
Unit: Örebro
Total waiting: 12months and 3 weeks
*not married, no kids, 1 year and 10months in a relationship. No more added documents.

I'm coming home to min älskling 💜💜💜

Awesome! I'm so happy for you!

migration recevied my application on 16th of december 2015 got mails for both more informations and intervew 11 april 2016  had the interview on 1st october 2016 still waiting to get answer in fgebruary i am not calling migration agency i hope they do work for each other application with or without call

Migration is unpredictable. Someone that I know from the other group got their decision after 9 months of waiting she is a filipina too, married with no kids. But still I think the average time of waiting is still 13 to 14 month. But Keep your hopes high. I heard decisions are going faster and faster now for everybody :)

ohhh one more thing we don't call migration often too. We just let them do their work yet still we got the decision a few days early than we expected :)

i didnt knew about this just found out  after my interview i think i will not wait so long my bf is coming to see me for a month and i will forget for a while ,,,that i am waiting

did u already got your Ut card

Hi ms.patience yes I got my card. Surprisingly I got it after 2 weeks of doing my biometrics :) Some people say it will take about 4 weeks so I was really surprised to get it early. I am leaving on November 16. Need to deal with CFO first. :) How long have you been waiting?

Congratulations!!! Have a nice trip home!

ImissGävle :

Hi ms.patience yes I got my card. Surprisingly I got it after 2 weeks of doing my biometrics :) Some people say it will take about 4 weeks so I was really surprised to get it early. I am leaving on November 16. Need to deal with CFO first. :) How long have you been waiting?

now its 10 months 2 weeks since my  application was submitted 16th of december 2015 i got my interview when you were receiving your decision 1st of october2 016 ...and did biometrics same day of interview .....what is CFO?

Oh CFO is for Philippines resident only... It's a seminar that we need to attend before leaving the country...

Hold on tight Ms.Patience I bet your decision is coming... I hope you will get it before the holidays :) I wish you luck..

all the best and thanks

hi, i hope you could answer my query. I am leaving for sweden to live with my swedish bf. I met him when I was in USA and we became bf/gf and long distance relationship we all know is so hard. We are planning to get married in sweden once I already there. Is there any way not to go back in philippines while processing my residence permit? I read in internet, if ever I got pregnant while i'm in sweden, no need to go back in the country of origin while waiting for the grant of residence permit, is this true? Because I am aware the waiting period of residence permit takes soooo long if ever I applied the residence permit in manila. Thank you guys for the reply! We are really planning to start a family, and having a baby is our main priority.

Good evening. I have a question to ask. How long after the interview does a person get a answer from your interview. I went on the 6th of September this year for my interview. Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you in advance

My interview was the end of August. I'm still waiting

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