portuguese looking for job in malaysia?? possible?


i am asking on behalf of my friend. he's portuguese and would like to work in malaysia as an expat. He has experience in many diff fields and speaks few languages and was a sales manager for a few years and also has experience in customer service related fields. However, he doesnt hold a degree but is interested in working in the country. Anyone can offer any tips? as to what he can do to get a job in malaysia and also, any tips? thanks

Hi without a degree his chances are very very small. It does happen but to get a employment pass you need to have skills malaysians have a shortage in. You often only get expats sent here by companies or sales in western companies with strings. But again that isn't something you just apply for unless very lucky. He should identify Portuguese or European companies thatmay need Portuguese speakers to work with them.

Hi, I know this post is quite old but I'm looking ofr portuguese speaker in Kuala Lumpur. Any referral would be very much appreciated.

Hi syrfi,

You are lookin for portuguese speaker? My friend would b interested. What kind of field would that b and also criteria

Hi Rebecca,

Yes, I'm looking for a portuguese speaker to work in Kuala Lumpur to help us covering technical support for our customer base in Brazil. It is a kind of a user helpf desk role for one of our products, ARIS. You can learn more about it here:

Thanks for your referral.

Best regards,

Hi , I'm a Brazilian citizen living in Thailand .
While living here for 3 consecutive years I'm looking for new experience in another
countries located in Southeast Asia .
Actually I'm working in Thailand as a Portuguese Teacher in Bangkok .
Well , any another question You should do personally .
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi, my wife is a portuguese.
We live in Singapore.
Maybe we could do an interview via skype
We looking forward to hear from you soon.

Good morning. I'm Portuguese.  My daughter lives in Kuala lumper.  So I'm looking for a job there. Any were a can look for a job? Or any jobs available for Portuguese speakers? Or any job in any field ? Thank you

I'm available to work in Malaysia. I'm originaly  from Portugal.  *****************

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I am Portuguese speaker.

Are you still interested?


Yes I am and also depends on what's on offer. Do you work in kl?

Yes iam

Hello there,

I am looking for a Portugese speaking person interested to work in IT technical helpdesk area for an Multinational IT company in PJ. This is a permanent position with good career growth.
Anyone interested please feel free to email me at xxx or at xxx

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Hi, Are you still looking for a job?

Hi Jeremyarulandan,

Could you please drop a vacancy advert in the proper section of the website ?

- Jobs in Kuala Lumpur

All the best,

Hi Bhavna,

Sure, thanks

Hi there ! Quite a number of jobs in Malaysia do welcome foreigners, so not to worry ! Using job sites would be of great help though. For example, a foreign friend of mine used sites such as Skoot Jobs and MauKerja, and found a job within days ! Just make sure that your resume and qualifications are regularly updated, and there will be no problems :)

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