New Arrival in Manila, looking for work !


I have recently left China where I was working as an English teacher (not something I can recommend)currently based in Manila, looking for full time employment, I have in the past done a lot of sales and marketing work for many well known companies and my own business also,I have excellent communication skills.

I am willing to consider most things,please let me know !

Hmm.. Would you like to work in a contact center in Makati? The job is very easy. I guarantee it. But if you don't fancy it, it's fine. :) If you want to hang out, I'm free during afternoons on weekdays. Maybe we can chat over some coffee or something. :) I'm KC by the way. Pleased to meet you. :D


Thanks for the reply, yes I do see why not, can you message me ?

Hi David,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience working in China...I'm a Chinese working in a Call Centre here in Manila. Are you still looking for a job? Call centre job is a good choice here, especially if you have sales and marketing and IT skills. Do you want me to help you submit a resume to our head office in Makati? Email me if you would like to: dannyidle[at] Good luck to you!:D

Hi David, welcome to my country! I think I would recommend work related to consultant or english tutorial or agent, since you have done sales and marketing. I know some of my friends who are working in that field. If you are interested, send me a message here, then I'll contact them if they still have vacancies in their company.




Going to Dublin in August, would be nice to meet friends, new friends are welcome too.  :)

hi Jhona

my number is 639297460355

I would be very interested in helping you, and yes I would like to discuss this more.

I am not working so please tell me when good to meet up for you ? you can add me to facebook as david.r.corrie[at] to see who i am.

best regards


Hi Jhona,

you should post this advert in the Manila classifieds > job section. Thank you.

Hello David,

I am sure many schools in Manila would hire you as an English teacher, but most likely you would get the same salary as Filipino teachers.  Many Language Schools that cater to Korean students is another option.

hi David,

If you can speak Mandarin/Cantonese, i can help you out. PM me for details... :)

Hi David, sent you a private message regarding an opportunity. Hope to hear from you soon.

how can a foreign citizen get a work visa in the Philippines, my gf is having a small craft biz and we tried to talk to the DOLE but they said there was not a chance my gf could hire me or give a higher position at her company.... any suggestions?

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Im looking for Mamdarin and cantonese speakers. Can you help me?

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Hi everyone,

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